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How to increase lead using Facebook

How google ranking work

Watch this short video from google to full grasp how search work and then read our blog post on how to increase lead and convert into sales which increase your revenue overtimes.

Hey, it's Trisha from Girlfridayz...

Do you find it hard or overwhelming to make your business profitable on Facebook?

Or maybe Facebook IS working for your business, but you know there's so much more potential?

If that's you, read below:

* In June 2017 I'm launching a new program called Social Sales Growth Strategy.

* It's only for business owners / entrepreneurs.

* It's a 4 week online program with 1-on-1 time built in for 2 hours each weeks.

* It's not cheap (...if you want cheap, go buy a £17 eBook).

* You can cancel any time if not satisfied with what we will teach you and we will refund your payment within 14 days after cancellation proportionate to the time spend in the program.

Yes, I'm serious -- if someone signs up and isn't generating tons of leads and sales once the program is completed, We cannot be held responsible for failed result or poor lead number as if you do not implement strategies taught and does not apply patience and testing time to see if it works and expect result instantly or do not get expected result, Girlfridayz cannot be held responsible.

You will NOT embarrass me by completing all 4 weeks and not making money.

* Each person will leave the program with MULTIPLE lead generation assets to built into their business, and my proven strategies to MONETISE these leads.

I advertised on Facebook and my strategies works it bring you return and lead

I have just a few "assets" that run everyday, and they each bring me tons of leads and sales every week.

I've had the same ads running for over 6 months... and overtimes acquired lead and sales

Screw all that non-sense about content calendars and posting on social media 10 times a day.

All you need is a few good "assets" for people to find you and join your email list.

The rest is easy.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, here's what you need to know:

* You need to ALREADY have a business where you generate leads and sales (...and you just want a ton more using Facebook).

* You need to have the ability to SCALE and bring on more leads and sales without overwhelming yourself.

* You need to have money to invest in the program AND in your Facebook ads.

* You need to promise to follow the strategies I show you (...or else you will be REQUIRED to leave the group and get a refund.)


You need to have a dedicated Facebook business page,

Skype and Facebook message

Google Adword account with Display Planner enable

If that's YOU and you meet the criteria, the first step of the qualification process is to click the link below.

All it does is go to my contact us page, nothing fancy and register your interest in our contact form.

It just lets me know you're interested because you clicked the link and fill our short form.


Once you click, you'll hear from me sometime soon..

Talk soon,



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