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Grow your EQ to Elevate your Business

Do you know what is your EQ? and Employer this day carry out EQ test before hiring an employee. But do you know what they measure. EQ simply refer to your Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence

The mind is the channel in the body where all information passes through for all senses when information is stressful or emotionally high your chakras are unbalance and natural human responses takes over; your ability to respond will be somewhat limited and your ability to have a wide range of choices as well as making sound decision impaired. In order to rectify the latter, we need to put our emotion in a state of balance and re-align our Chakras.

Your memory also plays a part with your emotions. When you learn to stay in connection with the emotional aspect of your mind alongside the rational paths you will be able to expand your choices when it comes to how you are able to respond to new events and able to factor emotional memory in your decision process, which in turn will help you avoid previous repetitive mistakes.

You are able to accomplish this by self-reflecting and change the way you think, hence developing a new set of skills for managing and controlling stressful situation and thus will enable you to become a very effective communicator.

What is the difference between the most successful people, fulfilled people and you?

The most successful or most fulfilled entrepreneurs, business leader in life are not necessarily the smartest people this is a fact of life. You might have encounter and notice this yourself in your business dealing or people you meet and have dealing with them. You might have met with individual who are academically brilliant, genius but socially inadequate and are even unable to manage their life, work, personal or business relationship. This goes to great extend in proving my point. Having a high level of intelligence is not enough to create and acquire a successful business or life. Do not get me wrong of course your (IQ) Intellectual Intelligence can definitely help you, with your academic and gives you great result but it is your (EQ) Emotional Intelligence that you need to help you manage your emotions and stress when faced with challenging situations in your business and personal life. Hence the difference between you and the most successful, fulfilled people they have achieve a great level of Emotional Intelligence and shift the way they think for the better.

Emotional intelligence has 4 main attributes

  • Self-Awareness: Is the ability to recognised your emotion and how they affect your thoughts and behaviour. Hence emotionally intelligent entrepreneurs able to know his or her strength and weaknesses and his self-confident.

  • Self-Management: Is the ability to control your impulsive feelings or behaviours. Hence emotionally intelligent entrepreneur controls their impulses and knows how to manage their emotion healthily, take initiative and follow through with their commitments and are able to adapt to changes.

  • Social-Awareness: Is the ability to understand the concerns and needs of their customers and others. Hence emotionally intelligent entrepreneurs are able to grasp the emotional concerns and needs of their customers. They are able to recognise emotional cues and they feel very comfortable socially. They are rarely intimidated or feels out of place within any social setting. For any entrepreneur to have to ability to blend in is a quality that they possess in adequacy.

  • Managing relationship: Is the ability to develop and maintain quality relationship with others and self. Hence an emotionally intelligent entrepreneur knows how to develop and maintain quality relationship with their customers, peers, co-worker, business partner, associates. They are able to communicate clearly, inspire people, influence people and portrait great team spirit.

I thought I add a bit of what I think a great entrepreneur quality has or you find these in leader.

  • Strategic Thinking: It is the ability to think strategically and it is a good skill to have and will determine your ability to lead the development of your business. It one of the most important skill that any business owner should have.

  • Vision: A business should have a vision, has it is difficult to lay any foundation of your business without vision. You definitely want to see where you going and what you want to achieve. Hence you need to lay business goal if you remotely want to develop significantly. If you did not generate specific goals for your business, you may not have a business as you do not have any direction. Your vision carries the description of what the business should portray as it main theme.

  • Ethic: It is the principal of making daily decision which takes into account. Ethic & Moral value of life in particular with regard to your business particularly when it comes to issues around consumer’s sustainability and life issues in general. So the business owner may uphold ethical values to guide his or her everyday living and relationship with people.


I hope this post inspire you to change the way you thinking and to think in a more positive manner, to self-reflect do not be afraid to critic positively self and to reshape your thinking, economise your energy, money and time. Work hard and believe it is possible to change your thinking.

Remove the toxic people in your life surround yourself with people who believe in you, believe in yourself your ability, skills and keep on learning. As if you want to move from £250 per month to £250 0000 and above you need to think that you worth this that it is possible and that what you want to achieve and revisit your goal daily as you write it down on your note pad with the plan and strategy how to get there. Cut out on extravagant impulsive spending and start saving and re-investing. Ultimately you will grow your business to high realm.

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