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Girlfridayz small progress in year 2018

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

The year coming to an end and all your wants and goals setting for 2018 have taken hold and may have been achieved and tick off or still working through them to achieve them in 2019.

Whatever you laid will take hold here Girlfridayz 2018 business year and what a year it has been.

Public Magazin - Journal entry website (social Media website)

We started of the new year with a major contract to design a social media website a public magazin where people had the possibility to post in various topic categories within groups and upload picture including media content.

This was a major project and we are happy to have been chosen to undertake such a task which was great and Girlfridayz completed the public magazine in five months which was not without its problems and few snags that we sorted out with the support of other developers Cometchat and Joomlapolis, working in collaboration to fix the issues which developed and come up with a solution. We acquired the programs that we needed to completed the project, created text and developed policies pertain to the website containing user content, privacy and cookies.

This was a good learning curve for Girlfridayz and a new challenge that we have achieved to the satisfaction of our customer. We used a combination of template and custom coding to complete the project, we also design the logo and restructured picture to achieve a new picture.

The website is a large website and has 270 pages composed of a client account, three communities and two privates sub-communities accessible via sign up procedure, a forum, user profile with privacy levels, activity board, 37 pre-selected main categories groups where you could post (picture, broadcast, video, live video and article).

You have the possibility to create a sub-category group within the main category, as an example let say you have the Sport group category which is the main category within the sport category you can create another group let say Athletic and post in the Sport or Athletic group and you have to join the groups if you are not a member of this group to post depending.

When the customers tested his website he was way excited, overwhelmed and posted on his site and created his own account as Easy he was way happy.

This website taught us a lots at Girlfridayz it was so brilliant and made us grow in every areas of our business and solidified our resolves.

Customers acquisition and leads acquisition

We had a few returned customers who love our services hence re-used us which was brilliant and a combination of new customers which we are currently working with and leads acquisition where we have ordered for January and April 2019 to start the work they've informed us they want us to do for them.

Creation of new services and restructuring existing services

We restructured a few services and developed easy system of order services online for customers to order our services. Based on a customers survey and market research we developed new service and now have a yearly subscription for website update which is easy for our customers or potential customers to order website update services.

We've also developed two new calcalcutors a profit and loss account and weekly wage calculator which double up as a estimator of income too. We've developed our add-on ordering for website design which makes it easier to order website design add-on.

We've developed our social media update which makes easier for our customers to order our social media services which the rolling30 contract and payasyougo50 either you required a weekly update of your social media platform, or a monthly update our two plans caters for your new.

We've made our website design ordering easier and you get more for less with our all inclusive bundle for your site and we've introduced a SEO starter Pack of only £265 for the first two month only.

We've introduce our online business card directory for small business and sole traders in london back in September 2018 and also a referral program where you get 5% for quality referral.

We've introduce in December 2018 Girlfriday Local Event where we provide an opportunity for like-minded entrepreneur to network with each other or people who wish to start up their business where we discuss a relevant business or marketing topic for 1h30 in the front room seat.

Chasing Bad Debt

During the year 2018 we've referred to the county court two persistent non-paying customers and that part of chasing your bad debt has it hinder your profit margin and increase your loss.

Recognition and Award

In November 2018 we attending our award ceremony on the 22/11/18 it was fantastic and we were awarded with the Be Mongul award recognising the most influential and Inspirational Black Business in Britain.

We are so happy to have been awarded an award and that give us a boost to carry on and do more and provide better support to our customers by providing a solution to their needs.

This is what we've been up to in 2018 we've achieved a few goals, milestone and we have laid new business goal in line with our vision for 2019 and beyond.

We wish you a Happy New Year 2019, good health and prosperity.

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