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Girlfridayz made easy

Hey my readers we been very busy here at Girlfridayz. We have been fortunate to get new customers and for one of them we have design a stunning website about their Jewish/Hebrew religion.

It was fun to built and put materials dated way back on their site, some information from the Old Testament dated back years A.D 335 we could not believe the wealth of information we received by email to place on their website and trying to find matching picture which depict bible stories to illustrate the text and make the website "alive" for her viewers. So we begin to research in depth the Jewish / Hebrew religion ensuring that we do not put any Christian Catholic picture such as the white Dove but pure Angel instead.

We learn so much building this stunning personal website full of scriptural biblical information and the owner thought the Prophetess. What an eye opener and learning curve in other religious belief. We got to learn that it is the Catholic Pope Sylvester who officially named Sunday the Lord's Day and in A.D 338 Eusebius the court Bishop of Constantine. In effect changing Sabbath Day from Saturday to Sunday has we know it day of worship for the Christian people but for the Jewish/Hebrew Saturday remain worship day and Sunday first day of the week an ordinary day nor sanctified or curse.

I could go on with all we learned but the post titled is Girlfridayz made easy so it is.

While looking at Girlfridayz recent revamp we noticed that we made our website easier to navigate and access information at a glance for the services you might be interested in.

However our menu bar is stating We here to help (that quite right) We understand you (definitely we do) but it did not defined clearly What We Do for you. So we added a video stating what we exactly do with 4 cute square column hence made it easier for you to access and understand our services that we provide to you. All our pages where our service are highlighted bear this cute video who embodied our working style. We also updated our booking online facility with pictures pertaining to the service you want to book and change the titled heading so you know exactly what service you are booking online.

Should you be so inclined to have a look for yourself we would be so grateful and we welcome your feedback with open hand. You could on exit fill our very short feedback form literally one question and press send no time wasted at all in your busy life but a great help for us as we continue our excellent customers journey and appreciate every feedback either positive or negative it help us improve our service to you.

Hey as a goodwill gesture we offer you the possibility to download for free absolutely no money require our free marketing guide or report on 16 best digital to use for your site and increase your traffic with our 21 tactics. Choose one and comeback for the second one.

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