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Gamification Content Marketing is Good For Business

What is Gamification

Applying gamification to content marketing, marketers can create many opportunities for consumer engagement with brands, drive specific behaviours and motivate players to perform tasks which require a lot of effort or time and would be impossible in non-gamified environments.

Modern marketing is reaching for consumers more than ever before.

Do you know that It all goes back to the fact that your potential consumers want to hear from their friends and other consumers about your brand, not your brand itself. Activating the voices of your happy consumers is one of the best things you can do for your brand but it’s also one of the most difficult.

There is a fine line that a marketer must stay inside of when working with consumers to promote your brand. The biggest mistake I see made is when marketers forget that the relationship needs to be mutually beneficial – meaning that they need to be acknowledging these messages and fuelling them with rewards.

One way to make relationships mutually beneficial is through rewarding consumers for sharing socially and making it fun and worthwhile to help share your brand’s message.

That When Gamification come in

To put it simply, gamification incorporates fun and an element of competition to a marketing strategy.

  1. It also works with all brand fans and people who want to participate – not just the ones with a ton of followers.

  2. The theory behind implementing these types of techniques is that they make an emotional connection with the audience and lead to a longer relationship as opposed to simple brand awareness.

  3. An easy way to work with brand advocates and potential consumers is through tactics such as contests, free product giveaways with bloggers, and games that have a thematic relevance with the brand being promoted.

  4. Try Girlfridayz Lifewithmore#game and Find the answer and win a prize.

Find the answer

Do you remember Farmville and Angry Birds? Or, more recently, Candy Crush Soda?

As you probably know, these games were wildly successful (and profitable!). They proved, once again, that games are not just for kids and they have there strong users for life and users even bought in the apps and a lots more games on Facebook platform too.

In fact, businesses across all verticals that have nothing to do with gaming are using gamification methods to increase conversions, inspire employees, generate buzz and customer loyalty, and at the end of the day, increase profits.

There are many ways to apply gamification elements into a business model, for example: loyalty programs, such as Samsung’s “Samsung Nation”; a feature on a website, such as LinkedIn’s “Profile Strength” progress bar (It's look like that which one are you ?); or even gamifying marketing automation campaigns.

You curious about our own checkout Girlfridayz LinkedIn's Profile strength.

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