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Digital Marketing - Have You Got A Sizeable Digitrail?

Girlfridayz Digital Mapping - Social Footprints

In this introductory article, we discuss the new buzz word digitrail which was brought out by a German company Digitrail and inserted in the urban dictionary 4th/08/11 and re-introduce by Trisha Amable of Girlfridayz as the New Buzz in the digital space in 2017

A digitrail is a social footprint print that you left on the internet, hence it the mark a person or business makes when he, she or it occupies digital space.

As you visit website and communities, you leave a digitrail℠ behind in another word you leave a digital trail behind. This social footprint maybe subtle or obvious depending on the quantity and frequency of visits and activities in which you participate your digitrail maybe sizeable or menial.

An example of this would be when you visit your friend's Facebook profile or a business of interest profile and learn that she or he is a fan of Jay-z and Beyonce or the Business of interest can build a responsive website for you within a month, you learn something about what matters to them. This information is one aspect of their social footprint.

User growth is an integral part of any businesses or communities of like minded people of interest hence having a Digital Mapping of your Social digitrail, give you a clear vision of your activities, your reach and interaction, connection with your digital space and you see your footprint clearly.

Businesses need smart people who can help them figure social media out. That means they probably need someone who looks a lot like you. So if helping businesses use social media is part of what you do as we do here at Girlfridayz, how do you make sure you’re in the effective, business-savvy, non-tosser 0.5% as 95% of "so call Social Media expert or marketer expert are crap"?

Social Media Content that make sense

Promoting products you believe in is a good idea and recommending a product or service because you think it good and it is fantastic and makes senses so yes by all mean hit the share button, if you don't then you are doing everyone a disfavour by not promoting it.

The same goes for selling your own products and services. Yes, you could give it all away for free, but ultimately, your ability to help people is dependent upon having enough money to pay your bills. Hence not charging for your services or products, give free guides, or e-book with great content which deserve payment hoping to acquire customer does not make sense.

In fact, the more money you have, the more you can expand, and the more you expand, the more people you can help. By that logic, refusing to charge for your products and services is hurting not only you but all of the people who will never know about you because you’re freaking broke.

Is this making sense?

I hope so, because the truth is, I’m really and truly concerned with where social media is heading I mean on LinkedIn which a platform primarily for businesses seeking staff doubling as a recruiting platform and also promoting your professional services to B2B and B2C as lately become a negative full of whining, obnoxious snooty, unhelpful people seeking approval in their minefield of crap walloping in delight with below par content.

Peps are getting so self-righteous. They sit there with their iPads and lecture the world about the proper way to use social media, talk with your team and bosses at your workplace, not helping because inappropriate so call sexual images and most of what they’re saying has no basis whatsoever in reality. It’s just smoke and bullshit.

As the small minority who understand we owe our audiences more than that. Have you ever heard of one of the 7 habit of highly effective people Seek to understand then to be understood

  • They deserve to be listened to.

  • They deserve to be cared about.

  • And most of all, they deserve to be given advice based on solid evidence.

  • In other words, we owe it to them to be authentic.

  • If that makes me a snob, then so be it. I’ll hang my flag high.

  • So, I guess that leaves only one question …

Who’s with me?

I am Trisha Amable mother of two kids plus two kids from another mother owner creator of girlfridayz and we are on a mission to help business and non-business people to prosper, to be happy and satisfied and meet their need so they can live the life they want in their chosen community.

So after this little rant which I needed to get of my chest let us go back to the topic at hand Digitrail and your social footprint you occupied in the digital space. Illustrated above is the Social Footprint of Girlfridayz our digitrail, it is clear that in this picture that the digitrail owner, a marketer from Camberwell, London has a sizeable presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus there we interact with friends, post personal messages and sometimes promotes our services for sale.

We also publish our podcast on the media sharing site SoundCloud and a few below par video on You Tube. As we add photo to our multimedia productions and frequently uses our Iphone to capture images, video and upload them to Flickr and Instagram on a private basis and to Facebook on a business bases.

We promote our content by micro-blogging on Twitter and we also posts images and written observations in our business blog which is read by more than 1200 people per month as per Google.​ We utilise the shopping functions of apps such as Snipi on our Ipad, which help us keep track items we might want to purchase and enable us to run price comparison across the web before we do.

More about Snipi — With Snipi your lists are always at your fingertips. Review shopping lists created from the Snipi Toolbar at anytime on your iPhone. The Snipi Toolbar is a Firefox extension that allows you to drag and drop products, photos and videos off any website into custom, organised lists. Photo and Video lists will be available on the iPhone soon!

Over time it's likely that here at Girlfridayz will continue to expand our digitrail footprint as we become involve in other social communities, and subscribe to news and entertainment feeds using aggregates such as Flipboard.

How big is your digitrail Footprint?

You may or may not leave as many footprints as us, but you certainly leave your share. Like Hansel and Gretel who drop breadcrumb to mark their way in the forest, you leave traces as you interact online and especially as you share social content. Your activities on the internet social media leave a digitrail and may make up a life-stream (assuming you share enough detail with regularity), which is essentially a diary you keep through your social media activities.

You certainly not alone in this particular forest as lots of people other than your BFFs are interested in these electronic trails our digitrails. Savvy Marketers follow them to see where you've been and to predict where you are heading and what you might want when you get there. This knowledge helps them ensure that when you do arrive they will be ready to serve you customised promotional material, targeted ads and offers that meet your need.

Digital Mapping another gold dust tool of digital Marketing

10 benefit of creating a digital Map of digitrail in the digital space highlighted below:

  1. Use it as a promoting tool

  2. It help you segment your market on Social Media

  3. It help you measure your online presence

  4. It help you pinpoint the platform you update the most and the least

  5. It unable you to update your digital footprint Map as you go as it is not set in stone

  6. It helps you think which direction you want to take your Marketing Social Media effort

  7. Its helps you see how big or small your social online presence is

  8. The beauty is you can do a really specific Digital Map of your digitrail footprint for each platform you using.

  9. You can develop it into a very specific content Digitrail Map

  10. It help you review your digital footprint digitrail

Our uniqueness

We can build a responsive website for you within a month which include Social Media integration and Basic SEO. We are fast, reliable and professional we deliver you a user friendly and functional website with all the trait of a modern design. Even though our prices are slightly lower than more well-known website design companies, we stand out by offering faster, safer, and cleaner more reliable design and our customers certainly think so and are please with our service. So purchase our Heavenly Package before it disappear. By the time you read this post our toast/snackbar coded by us at girlfridayz may have disappear so we suggest you reload and you see it the treat we have for you, click on any deal you want to purchase or interesting in for more info.

Seems a little quiet over here

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