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Countdown to new year 2016 in 5 hours are you ready

Happy new year 2016

The countdown down to New Year is on for Europe as some country in the world are already in 2016 and have started their New Year already a few hours ahead, also some will be having their New year a few hours behind.

Girlfridayz yearly review 2015

Well all and all 2015 was not Girlfridayz year it started on the high up until 16th January and it went downhill from there for several months Girlfridayz experienced challenges after challenges. Since it picked up slightly in July of this year and gradually but painfully slow a little brighter cloud try to appear amongst the fog. however even though during December a wave of trouble and challenge come our way, with computer and phone breakdown, difficult customer to name a few. We survive despite so much trouble and our head is not above water yet but my old inspiron duo cameback to life after 4 years with a screen of deaf removed 25 virus and loaded window 10, our phone fell in water and stock on Itune.

bought a new phone through a facebook friends Walid ABD Elraouf Shaleh ABD Elraouf on the 24/12 for $152.98 but it was a scam he never sent my phone so our business still does not have a phone. We reported him to Facebook, Western Union and the Police they investgating the cyber internet crime hopefully arrest him in Egypt alexandria his home town. My message becareful when purchasing good online scammer are everywhere. So my so call Facebook friend had a very nice xmas with our business money but we hopefully will be refunded back in 21 days and him arrest if caught.

However Girlfridayz experience a success in the sell of her services in all areas Design and Printing, Admin, Marketing Service and Website Design. We managed to increase our customers base and secure new leads for the new year. Gained momentum on Facebook with 68 like to our Facebook page and growing momentum on Twitter with 118 followers and growing. The number might be small for some of you but to us it a giant step up, We gain readers of our blog posts and shout out this is fantastic last shout out 628 paid view and 12 clicks how highest so far with another Shout out reaching 284 paid view 6 clicks. We have sold a few e-book and pamphlet mainly on business start up, funding, customer care and our Small business Tip serie is going fast so many download amazing. Plus LifewithMore#win few players have won our free gifts so all and all since July 15 one could say Girlfridayz has experience a little success.

So for those of you who are waiting for part 6 of our Small business Tip series well the wait is over we have written the 6 part of our series Small Business Tip and it call Employment Protecting Act 1975.

to Get your hand on it download it from our shop click on the purple link.

Girlfridayz wish you Happy New Year 16 Good Health and Prosperity

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