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Cost Effective Advertising for Small Businesses

I just read an article from Cindy Gallop about Advertising industry and got curious about her site if WeRanTheWorld. I just signed up to her site which is somewhat different from the site I usually see. The concept is clear she want people to do a Micro-action and achieved it then you get to Micro-Action Completed or That Need Doing. You can badge yourself so here my badge.

She also has a section Superheroes make it happen and that say [Add micro-actions and send them to family, friends, colleagues, or whoever else might be exactly the right person to take action.]

So in Girlfridayz case the right person to take action is Small Business, SME's, Sole Traders, Self-Employed. It's an opportunity to promote yourself, cheaply but effectively. If you grow an audience, or get more order, or lead transforming into paying customer hence generating revenue you be happy.

You could them afford to advertise on bigger platforms than Girlfridayz Ads board which is currently bare as we have revamp our old advertisement platform which used to have so many Small Businesses, Sole Traders, Self-employed and SME's ads even company offering jobs used us — because we always offered a low advertisement opportunity and the companies or people who used to advertise with us got satisfactory result.

Our price is really affordable and you stay with us for 90 days which after this time we would remove your ad or ask you to renew your ad. The price start from £60 for 90 days and we offer: simple ads, banner, lead magnet, Tripwire and you can even have a video of your product or service. Curiously interested click on the link for more info

If you shop around you won't get a better deal: because even free advertising it's a 30 days stay before your ad expire and to get to the top of the pile you need to pay.

With PPC you actually pay for every click on your ad even if the minimum amount (£2) you can bid on is small. PPC work like auction so your ad might be shown if it does meet the requirement of Search Engine Google, Bing or Yandex.

If you make it you better start having the fund to pay for each click on your ads if successful — so do the math if your ad is click on 1000 time that £2000 to give to Google or Bing and it is not even guaranty that every click turn into paying customers to get a good return on investment (ROI).

So here my first action posted on her site (oh you see my badge pretty cool isn't it ?)

I ran Girlfridayz limited and we are a marketing online company. Which provide business support, website design and backup admin for small businesses. Our site is You more than welcome to visit us. By the way, if I run the world I would make it a better place for us to live. All these disturbing people would be wiped off the planet before their time is up on this earth. It's an action I cannot carry out because it would go against my personality or principal.

Here my micro action that I would like you to do — place some of your ads on our Girlfridayz Ads board so you can generate revenue. Our ads board does not have a click through rate either. It works this way simple: You email us your title, description, a picture of product or service you want to promote and one destination link and your contact details. we create your ad put it on our site and link it to your chosen destination. It stays we us for 90 days and price start at £60.

We offer cheap but effective advertising for small business or start-up business. want to know more go to and get more info. It the micro-action I would like you to take which could be beneficial for you.

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