Consistency is the key to success

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Consistency can be defined as a set of principal compatible with aims and desires, views and actions toward a goal or a vision. Why do we say that? it is because when running a business and in your personal life you need consistency in speech and actions in order to achieve whatever your heart desire, growing your business to be sustainable through time and be successful at achieving the latter. Has time is not the money by itself but it is the people who consistently provide value to people who gain monetary wealth and become more prosperous in their life, fulfilled and grows.

The 3cs of Consistency

The 3cs of Consistency are Confidence, Communication, Curiosity and these are within all of us. These traits also come with a subset of characteristics that can be applied to running a business about your customers, your products and services. Whether be starting up or growing an existing business these subsets are needed to develop and grow.

The subsets of the 3cs are defined below:

  • Positivity: You need to have a positive mindset in order to achieve your vision.

  • Persistence: You need to be persistent to achieve your goals and objectives.

  • Challenges: Your competitors or outsiders bring you challenges, hurdles that you need to jump over in order to succeed.

  • Risk-taking: You need to take reasonable and positive risks in order to grow your business.

  • Mistakes: You need to make mistakes in order to learn what not to do and progress.

  • Learning: You need to keep on learning and in order to keep on learning you need to be curious about the world around you.

  • Desire: You need to desire to achieve your vision to aim higher.

  • Hope: Desire brings hope.

  • Courage: You need the courage to give you the push that you need to achieve your vision.

  • Love: You need to love your products, and services in order to sales them to others and you need to love providing value to others to achieves mighty sales.

  • Trust: You need to trust yourself, and believe in your ability and knowledge to succeed.

  • Freedom: Only comes when you are successful in whatever you wanted to achieve and are free to be you and it reflects in your business ethos and what you do to achieve your vision.

  • Happy: With freedom comes happiness, love for oneself and care for oneself, self-confidence, self-worth and only then you will be able to support others, help others and become prosperous.

  • Loyalty: With consistency comes loyalty which brings hard work, willingness, trust and cooperation in business.

However, in saying that people with a negative mindset acquire what they need and grow either in business or their personal life, therefore, positivity or negativity does not stop you either to seek, learn and be curious but a positive mindset makes the difference when dealing with the mishap of life and achieving your overall vision, as you are more willing to work harder for what you need and want, you become less complacent, you always want to learn more and believe in yourself than you can create, provide and do thing because you develop a can-do attitude and have a positive approach towards others, proactive and consistent and are less likely to give up and reach your goals and vision as you are motivated to succeed no matter what.

Understanding the concept of Consistency

To truly understand the concept of consistency in speech and action when we just born we are dependent on our parent, for food, love, shelter, and learning, we also depend on ourselves for survival as we learn quite quickly, we first crawl, then hold on to thing to hold straight, then walk and run.

At first we a bit shaky, then grow stronger and then walk and run better. As children, we are eager to learn, to discover, consistent, persistent in getting what we need and want, jovial, curious, talkative, trustworthy, transparent, pleasant, fearful, cautious, dreamer. As we become aware of our surroundings and ourselves we learn safety, responsibility, and accountability and start developing habits.

These habits shape our lives and our business, this is why we say consistency is within you as it helps you to get what you need and what you want to achieve your short-term goals including attempting to achieve your long-term goals and overall vision.

Consistency is key in your business without it your cup is half-full, or empty and you are more likely to give up when the going gets tough or change your direction as the wind blow, or move backward to avoid taking-risk and pass the roadblock that external events outside your control can bring. Never knowing what you could have achieved or become as you quit before you even start blooming and bring you vision to life.

Life is not a straight road thus your business is not a straight road too, life is full of up and down so is your business, hence when setting business goals, you need to set SMART short-term and long-term goals (Sustainable, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Target) as well as (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Timebound) in line with your Why which is your purpose and then plan for what you visualize which can take a lifetime to achieve and bring the right people with you who understands your vision, ideal and play the infinite game. These goals you need to break them down in smaller objectives more manageable but in line with your overall aim.

I summarised the video for you so you begin to understand and apply it to your business as well as your life as consistency brings all things possible and the 3cs of consistency is the key to success.

1. be proactive.

2. begin with the end in mind.

3. put the first thing first.

4. think win-win.

5. seek first to understand then to be understood.

6. synergize.

7. sharpen the saw.

In conclusion, just know that life is a life long learning and in order to grow one needs to keep on learning and the only person who stops you or your business on your growth journey is you. Be good, do good and good will follow you, be kind and respectful to others, trustworthy and polite as it is the right of passage.

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