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Black People Matters - BHM

Back History Month started in America in 1926 by Historian G. Woodson and celebrated at that time for a week only starting the 14/2 and was called the Negro week until 1970.

Not before 1987 Black History Month started to be celebrated in the UK for a Month-Long from the 1/10 - 31/10

Since 1976 Black History Month is celebrated in America for a month-long the name changed to Black History Month but the starting month remains but the starting date changed and it is from 1/02 to 28/02 now.

Black History Month – an international annual month, celebrating, recognizing and valuing the inspirational individuals and events from within the BME communities. During Black History Month, we remember and celebrate the important people from the past and also who contribute to and help our society today.

When you attending the numerous BHM and BME event up and down the country why not wear proudly our design unisex long-sleeve T-shirt and remember, learn about the inspirational individuals of the past who contributed to how we live now in a society more tolerant, accepting and welcoming black people and embrace our achievement and contribution to society for £25 only.

Support Black History Month, purchase the long sleeve t-shirt and wear it proudly

Black lives matter started in America they called it the new civil rights movement for black people. We at Girlfridayz came across an article from Newsbeat which was written on the 31/10/16 By Nesta McGregor Newsbeat reporter titled That black British feeling: Does the UK need Black Lives Matter?

His article is rather on a negative inclination and does not have any positivism within his written content but does depict a rather depressing picture of black people representation within the UK.

Here my only experience of racism since I live in the UK

I live in the UK for 29yrs now and I have experienced racism in the street of Whitechapel London in 1999 while defending a Black African woman experiencing abusive racist remarks and intimidation by a group of white German men, while she was waiting for the bus at night with myself. They approached her and called her "black Monkey Yammer get out the country" and started getting closer to her, she was scared and did not reply.

I got angry so I put myself in front of them and said with an accent like this you not from England. They told me who is you, half-white bitch, I replied your worse nightmare German pricks who cannot even speak proper English and added if the English Government decide that all non-British people get out of our country, I believe that your stupid ass, myself and possibly the lady you pestering will have to go home and get you out of the country too. Hence you and your racist self move out of the way and leave us alone I have the police on speed dial and strong connection they'll be here in a few minutes as I showed them my portable noisy alarm type that my work gave me with my finger on the button.

I was working as floating Support Officer supporting severe and enduring mental health people at the time and it was for our safety to use only in case we were in danger and we were meant to carry it around our neck it just happened that I just finished work and was waiting for my bus to go home.

To my surprise they left, the lady profusely thank me and said you so brave which I reply no I am not I just do not tolerate abuse in any form or shape and you did not do anything just standing at the bus stop minding your business, so I thought it unfair and uncalled for hence thought I should do something to help you.

What I found out in Britain is that Black people are racist with each other more so than white against black and other ethnic groups. This has also baffled me instead of unity they "dismiss" one another. I never experienced institutional racism within the workplace I worked with even if I know it exists, has a mixed-race individual I never felt white or black people being racist toward me or have any looks or racist remarks toward me apart from that one incident that I put myself in.

I do not dismiss the feeling of other and everybody have different experiences or views and perception on how people perceive them or treat them and sometimes it not just about being black that someone may decide to discriminate against you as a black person they may have other reasons which usually sprang from deep-seeded insecurities within themselves hence deflecting their negative behaviour onto someone they perceive has stronger than them and it strongly suggests a certain lack of Emotional Intelligence, which has no bearing on racism whatsoever.

We are fully aware that Black people are still underrepresented in jobs and there is still injustice within the police, judicial system, education and infringement of human right in the UK but it is a lot better than it was 27 years back due to the tremendous work of the BME group (Black Minority Ethnic group). The Equality Act in force since 2010 we have more inclusion and diversity more tolerance, acceptance of one another and Equal Opportunity For All.

Equality & diversity define and champion equality, diversity, human rights as defining values of society. It promotes equality of opportunity for all, giving every individual the chance to achieve their potential, free from prejudice and discrimination and Britain as a whole have achieve this, only a small percentage of people discriminate and promote inequality and injustice.

These kinds of articles and social media groups are concentrating on the minority the small percentage of people who are like that and make some black people feel that in the UK nothing changed.

We at Girlfridayz are diversity certified and include everyone and are strong believer in all these acts which are there to protect us. Black History Month is for the celebration of Black people's achievement and contribution to society. Hence we can proudly say that we achieve the Be Mongul Award Recognising The Most inspiring inspirational Black Business In Britain 2018/19

We've found a funny video with Dizzy Racal: Black History Month, Inspiration and Grime

Enjoy the talk and laughter

We believe at Girlfridayz that we are different in thinking and challenge the status quo in everything we do and we go the extra mile for our customers. We support people and we definitely challenge what we believe is wrong and have demonstrated that many times throughout my career and some of our blog posts.

We have a strong opinion and our heart in the right place and we love people in general, community engagement, hence we think it is the perfect time to showcase your business during any BHM or BME events you may attend during the months of October or having your own event and acquire leads and new customers to your business while learning about Black History.

You can also attend our event on the 22/10/19 The Star Sales Principale in the front room seat 11 am to 13.30 hurry only 10 tickets left gets your now for a fiver

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