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Acquire —With Inbound Marketing

The rise of Inbound Marketing is phenomenal over the past years and made a grand entrance contributing to entering the Digital Age.

It is the offspring of king Content Marketing and it is very integrated in the Marketing Mix 4ps, 7ps, and 4cs which are the foundation of the Marketing Strategies and Tactics we are using now and for century to acquire customers, leads and nurture your customers and leads with a slight but notable differences to Traditional Marketing with the birth and growth of Online Marketing.

Inbound is content remastered

Inbound is content remastered it uses Content Marketing to attract prospects in your funnel and then convert them into qualifiable and quantifiable leads that you can nurture and eventually close the deal when they ready to buy. You then delight them as your new customer(s) so they can become your brand advocate and spread the word using word of mouth.

Attractive audiences loves efficient content

In order for Inbound to work for you — you need to find the most relevant attractive audiences and use content that influences and turn them into potential buyer(s) and purchase your product at the right time in an easy way for them but efficient for you.

To achieve the latter you need to know what is best for your audiences and use a conversational content that reflect their needs and taking them on a journey that they love and return with only good word for you which get them to come to you rather than you going to them using traditional method like cold-calling. The focus is on the benefit of the product rather than it feature more leaning on the everlasting arms of customer needs and interests thus positioning you as a trusted adviser rather than a pushy hard selling annoying pest that bombard your prospect with a litany of calls and emails.

It uses the attract-convert-close-delight marketing model and it's part of your sale funnel buying cycle — when done correctly Inbound can help you close sale earlier in your buying cycle. If you would like to found out more about Acquire — With Inbound Marketing you could invest in Girlfridayz Advanced Marketing Short AudioCourse which teaches you advanced marketing strategies and tactics to acquire customers.

Out with the old in with the new

In term of outbound Marketing which is considered traditional marketing method much needed in acquiring customers and still a valid tender and a crowd pleaser as become a pushy interruptive one way communication medium which push product or service on customers rather than an interactive two way communication medium which embodies Inbound Marketing.

With Outbound Marketing potential customers are sought out through TV, Radio, Telemarketing, Banner, Print Marketing in term of newspaper ads, Display Ads, SEM (search engine marketing) ads and cold-calling — rarely seek to entertain their audiences or educate. The promotional information is rather cold and still, repetitive, informative but instructive with very little to no added value and passive — as oppose to Inbound Marketing which uses active conversational warm, informative and interactive customer engagement which seek to entertain, delight and provide added value and personalisation.

Articulate have not grasp the subtle power of Inbound Marketing

Girlfridayz recently read an article from Articulate called "10 minutes Inbound Marketing" which believes that Traditional Marketing strategies don't deliver and that you need a PhD in Google Adword to run a campaign, coupled with Online Marketing advertising is the gift than doesn't keep giving and that Social Media is not measurable.

Girlfridayz disagree with this part of the article produced by Articulate which is a company which provide you with Copy-writing services. In the first instance Traditional Marketing strategies works and deliver results and are considered long-term strategies which bring brand awareness and use the principal of psychology marketing technique with a constant message which leave an imprint in people mind and they sub-conscientiously associate the product advertised with that particular brand and overtime arouse their curiosity or nostalgia and eventually purchase the product to try it out. If they like it they would automatically return to purchase it and love the brand hence turning them into advocate for this particular brand and achieve brand retention.

So at Girlfridayz we think that Traditional Marketing deliver result in a big way that why many businesses use Traditional Marketing and when executed in the right way at the right time the result can be immense plus the coverage is massive and using Traditional Marketing you reaching wider audiences in an impersonal manner but the right audience will be attracted to your products or services. Their article focus on the disturbance and interruption that Traditional Marketing can bring as oppose to it benefits in effect Inbound Marketing using the same principal has Traditional Marketing on every platform, medium, method use in Traditional Marketing with a notable differences with it online application, thus giving rise of Online Marketing and the birth and growth of Inbound Marketing through Social Media and various other means.

We do not think at Girlfridayz you need a PhD in Google Adword to run a campaign, however, you could attend Google Garage which has a module which teaches you about Advertising SEM and Display Ads and how to optimise your campaign and achieve the maximum ROI (return on investment). It shows that Articulate has little to no knowledge about running an efficient and balance advertising campaign using the power of search and online advertising which focus on relevance, content, has a certain element of competitiveness for the right keyword and description to use for an effective campaign and targeting the right audience for your products or services — hence choosing who you wish to target and provide you with the mean to segment your market into smaller or wider niche where you can concentrate on achieving the maximum amount of ROI. It also bears the characteristic of Traditional Marketing with it impersonal manner, it wider audiences reach and it massive coverage in a targeted content thus Content Marketing in a humongous way.

In this process SEM and Display Ads are Outbound Marketing with a mixture of Inbound Marketing in this fashion has you have the possibility to speak to your target audiences who are interested in your products or services directly in an impersonal manner has it is one passive way of communication but with added benefit as if your ads is click on you then have the possibility to follow up with the click and acquire leads that you can nurture and turn them into buyers who love your products or services which in turn they become your brand advocate using the Inbound Marketing Methodology.

So at Girlfridayz we think that Online Marketing Advertising is a gift that keep on giving to your audiences which are interested about your products or services and a cursed to those who are not interested in what you have to offer and we guess that Articulate might fall in this category of people who hates advertising in every format has it requires the use of effective advertising Content Marketing which is concise, precise and relevant to your products and services written in a persuasive way which attract your potential buyers in wanting to know more about your brand, hence your ads has to be written in a Twitter fashion with the 140 character limit more or less and back it up with a relevant picture.

As for Social Media that is not measurable shows a total ignorance by Articulate in the power of analytics which is the measurement of Social Media and having an Online Presence. Analytic permit you to measure your effort and effectiveness in your Social Media campaign. It provides you with a direct way to see who is interesting in your products, the demography of your potential customers, the country they are from, their preferred devices to use to access your services, which one of your content post perform the best or perform the least, what preferred time or day of the week your post are access and even if your post are access through organic or paid content.

Analytic has gone from strength to strength and even can show you the number of people who paid an interest in your content, shared your content and referred you to others. It also gives you the possibility to directly target and speak to your potential buyers in an active, informative two way traffic conversational tone via the mean of comment and Analytics can measure this activities and turn it into percentages which are tangible numbers that you can benefit from and with the rise of predictive analytic which provide you with the Knowledge on how to find patterns in data so you can avoid risks & spot opportunities — Making Testing Automatic and Understanding your Audiences to acquire a deep customer insights making Analytic a truly measurable tool that cannot be ignore and understanding it powers can be beneficial for you and your brand.

Social Media provide you with a visible tangible measurement with the number of like and dislike, reaction and shared content plus friend request from Facebook or the number of like and re-tweet and follower from Tweeter and like and shared from LinkedIn and 1+ and shared from Google Plus and this is only quoting the giant in Social Media provision but other Social Media platforms bears similar characteristic and shareable content and commenting possibility which are the measuring tools of Social Media too.

So Articulate stating in their report that Social Media is not measurable shows that they do not really pay attention to the numbers to run an effective Inbound Marketing campaign and applied the right marketing strategies and tactics to pull the customers towards you and enable you to push the sale to close the deal and then nurture your customers and turn them into brand advocate has they love your content and keep on sharing it with parties of interest who in turn share your content which permit you to achieve brand awareness then overtime brand retention as people tends to associate good relevant informative solution orientated and need-led content provided with the provision of an excellent service or product which will be beneficial for their needs at the right time for them to purchase your services or products.

Advanced Marketing Course Girlfridayz

Inbound Marketing provides you with the mean to acquire leads and customers in a big way and pull them towards you using a persuasive conversational, informative, relevant, solution orientated and need-led two way active conversation providing added value and entertainment taking your audience on a journey where they return full of praises for you and keep on sharing your content and become your brand advocate through word of mouth — enabling you to achieve brand awareness and then brand retention overtime and maximising your revenue and profit by the shear number of sales you can achieve using the right strategies and tactics of Inbound Marketing at the right time and place through targeting the right niche for your products and services.

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