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Curious about what's sales

Sales can be puzzling if you do not know how to sell your product or service to your selected audience said the squire to his eager listeners. Suddenly the King said to the squire "just send the Cellar Memo". Muttering between his lips the squire said "I'm curious to know what it contains". His audience said what did you just say, Squire? He replied it's my private thought and below is what King content advise about acquiring customers for your business people.

Bonus Sales Strategy design

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As with all tactics and strategies discussed throughout the Cellar and your Playbook you must have acquired by now the skills required to achieve sales and learned the fundamental of Marketing and its application to your business.

If you have tried and tested all templates, uses the easily digestible practical card tucked in our polaroid gallery and click to enlarge you got a full view of their content, used the fill-in-the-blank to your advantage and all that the Cellar and Playbook offer your result become predictable therefore success is reach when you have increased your customer's database and regular income coming through monthly as well as repeat purchases of your products or services at the end of the year you will see a profit increase. 

Here is the success formula for creating a target market

(I + A + T)=TM

Let's take a look at each part...

(I) Identify

Not all customers are created equal, they are all individuals with different needs, problems and frequencies of purchase. Remember to apply the First Principal of decision making, get to know your customers and found out their pain point, need and problem then match your services or products to the problem identified.

Who are your top customers?

Find out who your best clients are. Look at your existing records. Look at their purchasing behaviour over the last 12 months.

Can you easily reach these types of clients?

If your marketing can easily reach these types of clients using YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Google Ads, Twitter, What's App, Instagram and of course traditional methods such as email marketing and that good old working horse... Direct mail and Print Marketing. Advice: Write down the best methods to reach them. This should make it easier for you when choosing your lead generation marketing strategy later.

(A) Avatar

Once you've identified your customer segments, you need to build a simple profile of them (The Avatar or Persona).

Have you identified their commonalities?

  • Demographics - The average or typical characteristics of your Target Market: size, number of employees, age of business and customers, turnover, location, number of directors, industry type etc.

  • Psychographics - What motivate the decision-makers in the business to take action - personal or business specifics; behaviours, values, hobbies, the impact of the decision for the business and for them personally (Note: Each persona is different and each decision-making process varies with each people).

  • Pain Points - determine what your client need and want most: efficiency, ease of use, time, etc.

  • Common Objections -  Your customers most common reasons or buyers hurdles for NOT doing business with you: for example, cost, time, etc.

  • Individuals - If you relate to an audience. If your products or services offered to your clients match their needs you are more likely to achieve sales.

Having said that, simply write down all the common characteristics on a sheet of paper list them one by one in an orderly manner. Refer to Cutie the Cat example of Persona/Avatar in the Cellar Wine Vault.

(T) Tailor

Once you know whom you're targeting, you can begin to tailor your sales and marketing strategies and tactics to the Avatar. This is WHEN you connect with the potential client on a completely different level, and when they think "this is for me" your sales and profits will multiply!

This is where the psychographics really come into play, but you will need to use the entire Persona to ensure your marketing hits them right between their eyes. Just saying

The reason is simple: if people see your marketing and immediately think "this is for me" then your response rate increase.

Here is the last present offer to you --- use our Market testing calculator Cyril.

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