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Innovation in Your Business

Innovation is needed to progress in this world said the King. Oh you are so right my dear said the Queen; businesses should look around them and see if they can improve on something. Yes, that is ever so true I mean there is Sophia amongst us mortals -- said the King. Well, innovation is needed, and some businesses do that. Here is your opportunity to learn more about innovation said the king to the squire. The Squire replied: I'm ready to learn my King, I have my notebook handy and a pen to jot down all. Ok, let us go them.

Service Development Matrix

Product Development Matrix

The product development matrix created by Girlfridayz can help you innovate in your small business. The criteria of the matrix are simple to grasp and applied to any product development concept. Let us delve into each quadrant of the product development matrix and applied each of them to an innovative concept such as Elon Musk Electric car Tesla.

The video below explained the product development matrix to perfection. Listen to the presenter and you will recognise the matrix criteria shining through the video content — like all theories. Without understanding the intangible innovative strategic theory, you will not be able to bring your concept to life and start planning its development and more.

innovation and your business

Have you seen the product development matrix within the video demonstration of Elon Musk Tesla E-plane car aka the flying car concept one of his latest idea for the Tesla model car?  The Tesla Electric Model car has improved since its first appearance on the market has an improvement on electric cars.

The new Tesla changes the perception of the consumers because it is the first ever electric car to break the 400 miles (128.7476 km) barrier having a range of 400 miles on a 2 miles(3.21869 km) full charge. The benefit of using a Tesla is there is no need for fuel, hence an improvement to the environment.

Elon Musk is quite serious about the development of the Tesla flying car and predicts that by 2023 we will see a Tesla flying E-plane car.

Product development visual concept of Tesla Electric car models range.

All innovation starts with a purpose your why and Simon Sinek discovered its power and codified it. For your product development or service development, you need to know why you want to do what you do first then you can plan for it and use the 5W1H.


Elon Musk must have used Simon Sinek Why to come up with its Tesla car range model. Most of us don't start with Why we do something and businesses that do think differently all achieve massive success.

Listen to Simon Sinek explaining his intangible innovative idea the "WHY Act, think & communicate from the inside out." Try to understand what Simon saying and apply its concept to your small business to gain massive success and increase profitability.

How great leaders inspire action - Ted Talk Start With Why

My hair and my juice.

Small Business Case Study

Imagine you go to your hairdresser to get your hair done and someone sold you a naked bottle of juice. You would probably not believe it until you come across it.


Why I say this is because we become oblivious to the legal information, and branding message even the business name and logo of a business until we either need their services or products or their products make us sick or kill us and this information becomes vital. It takes an enormous importance to us all of a sudden. 

Or if you happen to work as a marketer and business consultant now this information on a bottle of juice or an electronic piece of equipment has become mighty important often we tend to think in terms of marketing it is important to be found by our customers because we need sales.

Why do we say this it is because running a business is your legal entity and an asset. It is your bread and butter and what makes you get up out of bed every morning to run your business and you do want to run it on the legal side of things to avoid fine or being arrested by the police or thrown in jail if found guilty of wrongdoing either maliciously and intentionally or because of ignorance. 


You cannot pull to any official that you do not know because it is a legal requirement and your company must ensure you follow the law if you have the right intention towards your customers and have your customers in mind when designing products or making a product such as my juice that I got from my hairdressers. If you don't know the legal minimum standard, visit the Food Standard Agency. The FSA Explains Compositional Standards well for all food labelling.

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