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The Importance of Note Taking in Your Business

This introductory article discussing the importance of taking note in your business. You may think this is a boring subject but it is might important for your success in your business and your overall organisation.

Because a business requires an organisation to succeed and taking notes or writing your business goals in a notebook gives you a sense of direction and support you to tick off achieved goals and milestones in your business.

All throughout history people have taken note and has been an important part of human history and scientific development in term of people devising confusing diagram in form of branches of tree and neet structured outline dated structural note. However, which ways you decide to take note you should take them as it helps you move on in your business and remember what you wanted to achieve and assist you to take action.

As far as Ancient Greeks developed hypomnema meaning reminder, a note, a public record, a commentary, an anecdote record and guess what it also means a draft, a copy... see how economical the Ancient Greek were with words, one big word for keeping records of your meeting, your thought, your ideas, strategic plans, telephone conversation and whatever else you want to jot down.

To show you how important is it for your business to take note. As an example of a serial note taker, Girlfridayz has completed 21 notebooks so far and we tend to write on paper, envelops, post-it note too.

This has helped me to grow my business and achieved my milestones and business goals has I ticked and write the date it was achieved. I revisited my notebooks because it contains information I want to convey in 2020 or retarget my target market customers and prospects. I regularly update my Business and Marketing Plan, my marketing playbook The Core Asset of Marketing Revealed and its attached Dual Implementation Support System as well as The Core Asset of Marketing Revealed Startup Kit.

If I was not taking note I would not have achieved as much as I have achieved and I will probably be unstructured and unorganised. This is easy for me to say this to you because I love structure and organisation and without it, I have difficulty to cope. Some people recognised themselves in their mess and function amazingly but I am the total opposite.

Note-taking has been taught in the Renaissance and early modern period to students in schools and universities producing a volume of notes that served as reference works after they finished their studies. If you apply this concept to your business whether be online or offline you'll make mighty progress and when you revisit your note you are pleased to see that you have beat the struggle you went through to achieve your goals and how you experience personal and business growth.

Note-taking improve cognitive psychological function and its a complex human behaviour related to information management involving a wide range of mental processes and interactions with other cognitive functions.

The note taker comprehends and write down the information or their explanation of the information and ultimately store the freshly taken information meaning memorising it. In doing so can easily recall the information at a later time or when in need of it or reuse it. Note-taking helps your short term memory and long term memory.

A study conducted amongst students comparing people who take handwritten note and people who type their note. The findings revealed that the student who took handwritten note perform in exam better than the student who types their note. This means that writing down your note helps you retain the information better because it involves you holding a pen and concentrating on the paper and the word written and recalling the word. However, when you are using a typewriter or computer keyboard the letters are already there for you and you just need to look and type in effect less mental processing.

The reason for taking note is to implement the information in your mind or heard down on paper or type it which is the primary reason, however, the written notes have secondary importance. You should write quality notes which helps you as opposed to confusing you.

There are several methods to take note but whatever ways you decide to write them you must always put the date you start writing your note it must be time-bound just like writing goals, plans, memoir or any other piece of writing it must start with the date because it helps you remember the events. Therefore structured notes are the best to do and truly help you navigate in this life.

You should develop your own system to write your note and be systematically writing your personal and business note you will be really surprised at how much you have achieved. You should revisit your note and generally, in business, you should keep records of your customer's record and they should be kept for 6 years legally and after that time you can archive them.

We at Girlfridayz part of our artwork and design services can customise a lined paper notebook for you with your business details on it like ours. It is really nice and you feel that your notebook as a personality of its own.

Here our notebook pictures in a slider gallery you can see the front cover bear our logo, The inside front cover has the text Be happy today, the back inside cover our address and our back cover is white gloss. When my customers see my notebook some of them request that I give them one. So you see it is a good promotional medium for your business and can increase your customer base.

On this note, I conclude this blog article about the importance of note-taking in your business, and I hope you keep records in your business has it is mighty important and part of your future success.

If you like this share it with your friends, colleagues, associate they might enjoy reading it themselves.

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