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The Importance and Benefit of Professional Development

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. (Albert Einstein)
Give business owners a lead and you feed them for a day; teach business owners how to get leads and you feed them for a lifetime. (Trisha Amable)

This article about the need for supportive learning communities where collaboration and engagement in dialogue with peers and other professionals are necessary for the growth of your business and professional growth in whatever profession you may have.

Professional learning communities created opportunities for conversations which also made it safe to ask questions and work in a community where uncertainty was not only valued but supported.

Few studies have examined how peer coaching is an effective educational and development technique in the context outside your business and the process of professional development for business and marketing in the application of its usefulness and its benefit for growth.

The finding of this study themes by Girlfriidayz Limited in 2019 reveal emerging clustering around two distinct benefits orientations of having a coach or mentor to support continuous professional development in the professional setting of larger businesses and medium businesses mainly found in the sports industry and start-up businesses when a mentor is the prescribed recommendation for professional development.

In larger businesses and SMEs mainly on offer is in-house training or external training, as well as online training, is the current practice and can range from 1/2 day to 1-2 days training or depending on the benefits offered by huge company to their staff you can be offered to go to university for a year or two on a part-time basis with the premise that when the study is completed that all knowledge and skills acquired to be used within the company in effect the company making an investment in their staff to grow their company further and performed their duty at a higher level.

However, the study uncovered that other schemes are equally beneficial for professional growth raging from reading business books, marketing books, attending evening courses, or purchasing self-contained short courses or online courses that are increasingly popular in these present days all designed to facilitate professional development without hampering work hours productivity as they are designed to fit around your schedule and geared toward what called independent studies as the presence of a teacher is not there but plenty of supporting material, exercises and practical example is provided to aid learning and its application.

The second cluster of benefits supports performances, learning, earning and development theory in that there are multiple modes to describe adult growth and development which enable every individual in any industries to access processes for continuous learning and professional development in their area of expertise and desired growth level to become a mastered in their craft or professional application of the desired work.

Continuous professional development helps you to gain more confidence and self-worth, self-image, and self-esteem, help you generate ideas, and enable you to innovate new concepts and contribute to the world to benefits others.

Program of this type should be considered in marketing and business why we say this because the last major leaps in marketing were made in the 50s throughout the 60s where all the great marketers wrote books, systemized legacy systems, developed theories, analysis and business model that we are using today and are taught in marketing courses at university.

We at Girlfridayz Limited contributed to marketing and developed a unique dual implementation support system as well as strategic marketing models that you can find in our Marketing Playbook The Core Assets of Marketing With its Dual Implementation Support System - The Cellar. Our greatest contributions to the marketing industry equal to the major leaps made in Marketing in the 50s and 60s and should be recognised as such both by the marketing industry and business owners.

We believe that marketing and business should continue to evolve and new concept re-engineer should emerge to add to the wealth of valuable work our predecessor did which have been digitized for modern business life but the same principle, theories, methods, and strategies remained as we hold a sheer appreciation and love for marketing and its applications including theory and practices are entwined to grow your business and navigate through time unscale if applied diligently daily.

Because of the latter, we spent our time and effort in developing two marketing playbooks The Core Asset of Marketing Revealed and The Core Asset of Marketing Start-up kit that recently sold out. We've also developed the extension to the playbook for online application The Prospect to Client Systemised, two short self-contained 4 weeks modules courses for Beginner and advanced in Marketing & Business notwithstanding but including several other publications to support you in your professional development or refresh your knowledge or gain new knowledge.

We are duly qualified and have obtained in 2019 a BSC Honors Degree in Event and Entertainment as well as in 2017 through to 2018 we got our digital marketing and its applications qualification twice over after completing 100 modules and passing the examination again.

This is part of Girlfridayz professional development to serve our customers better as well as our experience and knowledge gained running other people businesses as enabled us to write our 100 + pages Marketing Playbooks and short courses, developed templates, a new analysis such as a Marketing Prompt and competitor analysis... that you can find in our Marketing Playbook for your business growth or start-up business, and write our Special Report for website design, factsheet and our business blog which has become a good source of support for professional development we were told on many occasions by prospect and customers (view our testimonial

Without our drive and desire for continuous learning in the industry, we love and professional development to achieve our vision we would not have been able to produce these publications, Playbooks or short courses for you to grow and prosper through learning with practical and theory applications as well as ready to use templates as we believe professional development is closely linked to personal growth and development.

The wealth of benefits it has provided us and continue to give us can be passed on to you to achieve the same or greater growth that we experienced through learning and applying largely our knowledge and skills daily in our job and business Girlfridayz Limited in a view to excel at the services we provide and we want to contribute to the world of marketing as other did before me Trisha Amable owner, creator, CEO of Grirlfridayz Limited, therefore, we continue learning and we believe that one stopped learning when they die because, in order to survive as human been we need goals to pursue and a purpose as it is our nature to have goals, we cannot live without them or at least not for very long as goals are what keep us going.

It is no use to fill universities, colleges, or any other form of learning and not applying what learned. If you do not apply what learned to your advantage and benefits from it, you will have wasted your time and throw money down the drain by failing to invest in yourself fully and you are hampering your professional growth and personal growth.

Sadly statistic shows that many individuals go to universities or colleges, training but do not apply what they learned but complained when no personal progress is made another way to learn is to observe and be curious about the environment the world we live in which provide us with so much way to learn and discover new things or concept and experiment.

If you not keen to study but have great ideas you need to find the people who can bring your concept alive, many great famous entrepreneurs did and experience enormous success, Henry Ford and more recently Richard Branson. So you see there is an opportunity to learn and grow and achieve greatness.

This why our Playbooks description is specific and aims to individual and businesses who have a growth mindset and appreciation for continuous learning as we can learn daily new thing just by talking to people engaging with like-minded communities or revisit old concept which is relevant to this present time, reading books, articles, publications and looking at nature.

Here our playbook description and why we created it over many years.

Growth re-engineers — over 100 + pages of marketing contents. Reach out for excellence and business success.

"Life asks of every individual a contribution and it's up to that individual to discover what it should be"(Viktor Franki)

Small Businesses, SMEs have issues achieving sales and start-ups struggling to get off the ground due to a lack of planning, marketing knowledge and if basic marketing knowledge is gained, they do not implement what learned. This is the reason why we created The Core Assets of Marketing with its Dual Implementation Support System - The Cellar Membership.

Our Marketing Playbook the Core Assets of Marketing with its Dual implementation Support system aiming to address the valuable benefit of marketing knowledge to increase sales, attract leads, traffic to your website ultimately growing business revenue.

It teaches a systematic way of applying marketing knowledge to your marketing contents, supporting you target the right audience for your business, show you what it takes to build a world-class customers magnet business and take you through the exact steps required to acquire and retain customers, clients, without having to leave your home or office.

The playbook features enable you to access state-of-the-art pre-design marketing templates, strategies, tactics, strategic marketing models and a strategic marketing matrix that you can customise to your business in any industries.

Applying the defined structured steps in the design content of the Cellar Quarterly Membership attached to The Core Assets of Marketing playbook provides you with a Dual Implementation Support System — The Cellar provides momentum gains for a more cognitive and social approach for business training in marketing to acquire more customers to your business through its content enabling you to achieve sales and increase your revenue supporting you to implement the rich content learn in the attached Marketing Playbook.

These invaluable resources are the foundations of Startup, Small Businesses and SMEs to develop a growth mindset, resilience, and methodologies to increase revenue and remain in business for years to comes due to the systematization and automation of their marketing knowledge acquired.

If you have the ambition to help others achieve greater success and grow your business whether by using your existing skills or acquiring new ones, then The Core Assets of Marketing with its Dual Implementation Support System will help you accomplish it.

Marketing is a science, and The Core Assets of Marketing with its Dual Implementation Support System gives you the science and everything else you will ever need to capitalise on in your flourishing industry.

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