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I was recently asked to design two websites one about architure and planning and the other a recruitment website.

I am really proud of the hand result of these two websites. The Design studio 203 architure website has cool features, it is really easy to navigate and found information quickly. it has a landing page and all it pages open within the site. So when people navigate they do not have another tab opening for every pages which can be annoying and off putting driving potential customers away. I have to say I work miracle with very little content and manage to make the site look full of text by placing the elements in a clever position allowing the page to look full but all breathing. I was asked to revamp the existing site and give it a new life.

The recruitment training website has also a landing page with two buttons which are there two attract customers or people they are there to create attention such as find job which bring you to the job page and register a job which is mainly for companies who wish to register a job. The button will take the user to the register a job page. It has a login and sign up facility wish is very useful in a recruitment training website. It unable the owner to know who is applying for a job uploading there CV and which company is registering their job on his site. It has an upload CV and apply online facilty, along with book training places online. Which permit the user to secure their training places as they can go very fast and apply for jobs online. All training are placed on a live training board and the site features job search by location, job title, keyword or training search. The site has an easy layout it breathy and not to heavily charges with texts or pictures. I was asked to re-design a all new site.

I do have to say the owners are very pleased with my work and recommended me to others. I received by the owner of studio 203 that he trust me with designing his website to represent is company as he trust is best friend when they go on a boat ride I definitely knows what I am doing and will hire me to update pages. Also the owner of the recruitment has told me if would hire for update pages.

I am very please of these two feedbacks and happy that my two customers are happy with the work I have done.

Contact me at girlfridayz for all your website need either new one, update existing pages total design change girlfridayz can do all this for you and many more.

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