Up your Game with Girlfridayz Slider Game#win

Be bold be daring discover Girlfridayz Slider Game Life with More#win. There is a lot of smart cookies out there and they know a good game when they see one. If you want more free biz and the freedom to write all your future date for 2016 on a Life with More calendar pinpointing the day of that special date with your boo who hold a special place in your heart, it make sense to mark it on a calendar and not be a failure of the last mile by forgetting your #date. It seems unthinkable but it does happen damsel in distress it a no no.

Put your lady in a Damsel in Distress dress from John Lewis for £90 I want one and will get one but that beside the point you can settle for a Slider Game Life with More#win and play to win Girlfridayz gifts to you and be bound for glory.

Girlfridayz Slider Game life with More#win has a very simple rule yes the beauty in simplicity. Slide the slider across and a number will be generated then click play to win button and that where the magic begin. Look at the picture and it will tell you if you win. If you are the winner click on the read more link and follow the instruction to claim your gift. If you did not win try your luck another time.

The Girlfridayz Slider Game life with More#win is available to play and win gift until 31/12/15 so go ahead try your luck to access the game click on pink link.

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