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The Cat Got The Cream delivering jobs for under and over 50s

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

It is a fantastic time for The Cat Got The Cream's inception because Jeremy Hunt and Mel Stride's pension secretary suggested that those over the 50s should consider delivery takeaways and other flexible jobs usually favoured by younger people.

These government officials come up with these not-so-ridiculous statements because since the pandemic there has been a sharp increase in the number of economically inactive people. The Office for National Statistics data shows that of 8.6 million people unemployed, 3.4 million are aged over 50 but are under retirement age.

The Cat Got The Cream Workshop community interest services aimed to support long-term job seekers to find jobs or start up a business. The Cat Got The Cream Workshop 3 three-month learning incubation pathway for unemployed people in London under or over 50s working to increase social inclusion for people on long-term welfare benefits to access employment or start up a business.

The workshop supports improving the well-being of long-term unemployed through market finding employment by educating and equipping workshop users with meaningful empowerment through positive input by teaching new skills or reskill by reviving and utilising knowledge, skills and talent owed and learned encouraging the workshop users to upskill to gain employment or starting up a business in their community.

The Cat Got The Cream birth and inception

The Cat Got The Cream was born out of a very simple idea. We noticed that over the years some of our services become popular and used regularly and repeatedly by start-up businesses and job hunters who realised that we provided CV services too. These customers happily paid for the services separately and referrals kept on coming. These services became very popular.

In 2019 we acquired UK DWP Government Accreditation and we proposed our popular start-up services and CV services to the DWP to access people coming from the job centre plus part of our accreditation, however, no referrals were received because of the pandemic and lockdowns.

In 2021 our DWP Government Accreditation was renewed for another 4 years. The lockdown was phased out on 8/03/2021 the UK began its roadmap out of lockdown.

It is during this phasing out of the lockdown that The Cat Got The Cream was born, we bundled our popular services for startup businesses and our CV services to provide two distinct groups of 20 people looking for work and those wanting to start their online business.

We instantly knew that The Cat Got The Cream would take off because we decided to make our online workshop a community interest workshop offering subsidised rates of payment because we knew coming out of the pandemic people might not be able to afford higher prices as we have increased our service prices in line with inflation and the UK bank interest rate rising.

The UK Government are in favour of and welcoming The Cat Got The Cream initiative relieving unemployment for people under and over 50 due to the increased demands for employment or starting a business online and the hybrid service provision of The Cat Got The Cream provides a solution to the problem identified because the attendee participate to the online workshop from their own home and have a weekly Zoom Meeting with your dedicated relationship account manager, as well as What's communication and a monthly face to face meeting in a location decided by the workshop.

What service you can expect to receive from The Cat Got The Cream Online Workshop

Return To Workgroup — 20 users only

1. CV package for returning to work, working group £84 per person referred. 2. Linkedin Profile and Intelligent Posting support £250 per person referred.

Startup Business group — 20 users only 1. Free Business and Marketing plan template offer for startup working group per person referred. 2. Business and Marketing plan completion support £370.20 per person referred. 3. Website design 4 pages (startups) £328 per person referred

4. Launch Flyers designed and printed for £80 per person referred

5. Startup Business Support Service £778.20 per person referred including 18 months of business support and training support through The Core Assets + The Cellar: A Winners Combination £57.99 paperback version or you might prefer the Hardcover version for a tenner more at £67.99.

How do we accept referrals? You can self-refer yourself to the Cat Got The Cream online workshop or The Jobcentre UK can refer you to The Cat Got The Cream online workshop.

How often support is provided? Weekly Zoom meetings and What's App support groups are offered as well as once-a-month group meetings at a location decided by the workshop. We also have a dedicated What's App Support group for Workshop users only each group has its own What's App group.

How many participants can attend each group?

The Cat Got The Cream exclusive support can only accommodate 20 users in each group because the service provision is targeted to each user in a holistic manner, therefore, much better support provision in a small group setting than in a large group where people can fall by the wayside because the group is too large. Smaller groups avoid stressful outcomes and ensure a better result because the effort is more centralised and you're more likely to succeed.

How do we accept referrals? You can self-refer yourself to the Cat Got The Cream online workshop or The Jobcentre Plus UK can refer you to The Cat Got The Cream online workshop or your associate, parents, colleagues as well as anyone who thinks you can benefit from the Cat Got The Cream 3 months incubation pathway to employment or starting an online business.

Click here to refer anyone suitable! places are exclusively scarce, therefore, the first come first serve principle applies and approval-based selection takes place.

How payment is taken for service rendered?

The Cat Got The Cream workshop attendees pay for the services offered by each working group by subscription payment only. The first payment for the packages offered will be deducted on the date the attendees start and two other payments will be taken monthly from the attendee account holder. View the package available for the returning to work and startups group.

Why The Cat Got The Cream duration is only 3 months

3 months incubation pathway every week with your dedicated relationship account manager can seem intense and appear fast-paced both ways, however, we find after many years of experience that weekly support work best and a short duration allows people to have a sense of direction and deadline to achieve goals whether be business goals or returning to work goals.

Receiving support throughout the week from your dedicated relationship account manager assigned to you — allows you to focus on your job search and get professional help with researching for your perfect job, potential interview questions, what an employer looking for, how you can best match your skills, knowledge and ability to the job the employer require.

Your dedicated relationship account manager can show you how to research what the company do and if you find an error and you have the solution to fix it that is an instant earner in any large organisation or SME even in your local shop because employers appreciate it greatly if the improvement makes their life better they'll pay you more. You are in a position to negotiate your salary too.

When you're starting a business is quite daunting and receiving weekly support throughout the week to help you complete your first business plan and create your first marketing campaign with your dedicated relationship account manager assigned to you spur you to jot down your business ideas, come up with pricing solution, decide on products or services, purchase a franchise, defining your audience, market and industry. Your products or services align with your audience... The Business group is supported for 18 months in total to ensure their business takes off. The support starts on the day of acceptance to the workshop.

For the startup group: The Cat Got The Cream offers business and marketing training through The Core Assets + The Cellar: A Winners Combination and you have access to The Cellar membership for 3 months only for a mandatory fee.

The Cellar costs £2.66 per day payable quarterly for £2906.20 or a monthly subscription of £669.73 save 77% when you purchase your mandatory Cellar membership training package, and your saving of £897.01 occurs when you have agreed to pay through a 3 months subscription payment and you get absolutely free a bonus eBooks titled Marketing Distribution Channels.

The mandatory training book costs only £57.99 paperback or £67.99 Hardcover. You get it at a subsidized discounted rate which is a very small fraction of its original cost from la Bootik by selecting I am a member of The Cat Got The Cream Workshop then under Select Book Type choose the options Workshop Book Offer Paperback or Hardcover to access your discount offer.

The business support group after 18 months if they manage to increase their profit by 25% will be able to apply for Girlfridayz Accreditation. The accreditation information can be found on the pages of The Core Assets + The Cellar: A Winners Combination as well as the access key to the Cellar. An innovative growth re-engineered system proven to churn successful outcomes for the startup business service users of The Cat Got The Cream Online Workshop.

Workshop Infographic

Workshop Closure and re-opening

The Cat Got The Cream online workshop closes after three months of support for a month and reopen to accept new referral for another three months meaning that the workshop is opened 3 times per year and closes 3 times per year. Therefore we are open for 9 months and close for 3 months yearly.

The Cat Got The Cream is currently open and accepting referrals to the online workshop right now. If you know anyone that can benefit from the services of The Cat Got The Cream online workshop please don't hesitate to refer anyone you know today. Our dedicated relationship account managers are on standby and waiting like an eager beaver to support the referred service user whether they want to start up a business or return to work and work for employers of their choice.

Today's top news that applies to anyone

Wherever you are, it is the place to start. The effort you expend today is tomorrow's results. The Cat Got The Cream is my way to give back to the communities because my story is inspiring and part of a larger story in the grand scheme of things where your story lies too.

Today is a particular honour for me to share my story because I hope it will inspire those over 50s and under 50 to follow in my footsteps.

After a spell of unemployment in 2015 and finally getting a job as a Director in a Housing Association with all the perks; I found myself refusing the post offered to me because, at that precise moment, I realised that I had already started my own business and needed to nurture it.

Yes, you've guessed it. My business Virtualgirlfridayz has been in operation since 2007 and duly registered with HMRC. However, I had so many plausible excuses not to emerge myself in my business and pursue my business goals.

I was a single mother with two children, my eldest being 14 years old and my youngest 10 years old I kept my regular day job; as a contractor for Gabem Management and worked for various companies until I decided to get a permanent post as a Service Manager for Millenium Group.

I was 48 years old when my permanent post was terminated because my boss closed down the care home after rehousing the residents in another care home in London in 2015. I found myself unable to find a job quickly in Health and Social Care and had to claim welfare benefits.

It was not until I was offered a Director post that it dawned on me that I had started my business my children were older, my eldest was now 22 years and working for an employer and my youngest 18 years old had started working for an employer, therefore, my only responsibility and accountability I had was to my business everything was running fine and I had lots of customers and my business became profitable. After a year of restarting my business, I changed my domain name to

In 2016 I changed my business name Virtualgirlfridayz to Girlfridayz, Girlfriday and aligned my domain name with my business name Girlfridayz, Girlfriday and trademarked my business name and services in 2017. I am only using the last part of our business name Girlfridayz our website is a registered trademark as of 2022 and our event platform is

Over the years the business grew and we got a business award the Be Mogul Award 2018-19 The Most Inspirational Influential Black Business In Britain. In 2019 we became DWP Government Accredited and proposed The Cat Got The Cream for our accreditation which was successful. In 2021 our DWP Government Accreditation was renewed and we re-proposed The Cat Got The Cream and it was successful.

During the pandemic, other small businesses closed their doors as the foe was gripping the nation.

However, at Girlfridayz we got grit and took this opportunity to offer new services such as The One Offer for our website bundles saw a huge increase in orders during the pandemic because The One Offer attracted new customers and returning customers who use our admin services for small businesses and we saw an increase in sales because the services provided online using modern technology.

All the sales we managed to get during the pandemic allowed us to declare the biggest income gain in the year 2020-2021 tax return keeping our business profitable. When the last lockdown was over the Cost Of Living crisis residue of the pandemic saw Britain businesses increasing their prices several times causing economic problems and strikes started because employees wanted more money to live with the increase in the cost of living and demanded a salary increase.

Some people lost their jobs and some businesses closed, however, at Girlfridayz we developed a new service and created Girlfridayz Credit where you can get up to £3000 credits (1 credit = £1), APR 21.9% on credit offer and use and the credit awarded is to be used within a year and repayment of the credit use in 3 or 6 monthly payment on request...

You see we shared our inspirational startup business story on how we started Girlfridayz Limited to inspire and influence you to do the same no matter how old you are because wherever you are it is the place to start. The effort you expend today is tomorrow's results.

If you want to return to work after having looked after your children or are fresh from university, The Cat Got The Cream online workshop incubation pathway to employment supports you to get that dream job or start up an online business.

[Advice] How to get out of a rut is to get disciplined — Consistency in action over intensity, you don't have to do everything at once. Rather pick one or two positive habits first and try to get consistent with them, get organised, start tracking your days in a simple notebook or planner be accountable for yourself and get motivated, productivity follows, and surround yourself with things that liven you up Podcasts, music, books, videos—let optimism become you.

Trisha Amable CEO of Girlfridayz

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