Sole Trader & SME’s ready for Black History month 1/10 - 31/10

Black History Month is a month long of learning about Black People culture and the step made toward equality and diversity. We came a long way to live in the society we are living now.

London is currently buzzying with events up and down the country so why not take advantage of this opportunity and showcase your business raise your awarness about Black people culture. Learning about other cultures is good for business.

Take advantage of this opportunity, perhaps with a display of information, a banner, flyers or organized event, you may want to update your website.

You can visit our website gallery, design and printing gallery to see all the marketing products we can create and print on to raise your corporate identity and increased your clients in turn generating revenue. You can visit our E-book sell page and see if any of our publications may be useful to you. You can purchase a gift voucher and redeem it on any services we offer or give it to friends, family, and business associate. Our gift voucher is great value for money they expire in 18th months and the balance never expire.

Girlfridayz is an online business we provide business support to sole traders and SME's. We offer the following services online marketing, administrative/PA service and lifestyle management. Please feel free to visit our website at

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