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Procrastinate is the killer of all hope and dream


Fact Did you know that on the 19/06/16 it is Father Day oh got a get a gift for my dad but I do not what to get what a pickle what to do? I may need help from a friend or my mother she knows daddy. Before you know it some of you would say when the day come have been meaning to get you a gift a card but I did not get around to it oh sorry daddy been very busy Happy Father day with a cute smile.

Girlfridayz say lousy excuse the day is advertise all over the radio perhaps TV and on the internet so for this Father Day treat your Father to a gift from notonthehighstreet a cool website with load of beautiful thing for a daddy's day.

Here at Girlfridayz since this morning we cracking our head to see how we could tell start up businesses or small businesses to ACT NOW and to stop procrastinating. If you want to start a business and you got an idea why not ACT on IT NOW. Well here our morning though after thinking of you for so long the people who been meaning to do or wait because I do not have this or that, the list of excuses is long.

Girlfridayz Morning Thought

You cannot put off STARTING YOUR BUSINESS until tomorrow.

You cannot put off UNLEASHING YOUR IDEAS into the marketplace until your logo is ready.

You cannot put off RELEASING YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES until you make another trip to Staples to buy stuff you do not need.

Do you know the people who will NOT BE HELPED because you’re wasting time “getting ready and wondering if” (i.e. stalling)? “I was waiting until my business cards were ready.”

You see…

Today, tomorrow and over the next few weeks there are going to be people that come to the breaking point of pain and despair, and they will either give up or they will call somebody LESS QUALIFIED to help them. At Girlfridayz we believed that there is nothing wrong with being properly prepared. But there comes a time when you simply must...


You already know what to do so what stopping you? yes at some point you need looking at the potential that you might be a huge success and breath your business idea, believe in it see it successful and thought after. It time to plant a seed and it will grow into the lives of the people you are destined to help.

Sian Kissinger surely did ACT NOW and ask Girlfridayz to support her bring her Sewing Business to life. She was working as an Escort Lady Boy to make extra money but it soon down on her that it was not her calling and contacted us. We set her up in an office, advertise her business using business card and leaflets and later we design a brochure for her, we completed a supercharge action plan, business and marketing plan for her and with them in hand she went and get start up fund which Girlfridayz supported her to get. She has now quite a few customers and make enough money to quit her night job and started a new life. She is more happy and find her business very rewarding.

Girlfridayz message to you is simple Stop procrastinating you are killing all hope and dream you ever had so stop the excuses over thinking but just take a notebook and right down your idea and what you need to do, who you need to contact, who to sell it to and next work on it TODAY as the marketplace needs the exact skills sets that you have as an expert in doing so do not let your potential customers wait and wasting your valuable time where you could start cash in and doing what you love.

Conclusion: What ever you want to do in your life stop procrastinating as it is the killer of dream and hope but just decide to do what it is you want now. Who wait never get anything in this life remember we are what we thing the most so if you put a positive spin on it stop and start thinking it might work and it working you more likely to start your own business or whatever you set out to do buy your dad a present and a card. #2016 stylee it a good year to start your business.

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