Nadiya killed it at the Great British Bake Off

In the spirit of Black History Month, here an outstanding achievement from Nadiya Jamir Hussain who won the Great British Bake Off this year.

I know she is no history but very present lol, but her achievement is an inspiration for children and others people to achieve their dream.

In her final speach she said that her husband encourage her for three years to enter the competition. She never did before this year has she probably beleived she was not good enough.

She finally entered because she gains confidence in herself and skills and won with a beautiful cake display. I only saw the semi-final and the cake produce was amazing I said to my friend that she would top that for the final and she winning the show I was right he came and told me.

scr: Guardian online "On making bread loaf in the shape of a snake. Nadiya says " I've tried the snake loaf load of times and he just explodes in the oven; he 's enormous ".

and in the spirit of Black History Month Girlfridayz asking you to take advantage of this opportunity, perhaps with a display of information about other achievement regard to black people, a banner, flyers or organized event, you may want to update your website and attend an event with your Tote on your shoulder. London is buzzing with events up and down the country join in.

Girlfridayz says: [" What I take from this is whatever background, culture you are there is no barrier for shinning and achieving. It is to beleive in yourself, your ability and skills and you can achieve whatever you set your mind onto and encouragement from your peers can help. It's all about confidence. "]

Even David Cameron Prime Minister said "she so good under pressure" scr:Guardian online in the other hand Nadiya said "I was so nerveous ......" if you want to no more read the guardian online about Nadiya

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