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My thought on Sophia world's First AI Humanoid Robot

This introductory article discusses the enormous advancement in AI and Robotic. Sophia is highly interesting, amazing and unique. The human imagination is limitless to imagine that the world wants to live with a cute robot—her effigy views women as softer' human in characteristic, caring, empathic, and loving.

I love technology and what one can achieve using technology to help human work better, faster or help in a medical setting to combat illness or repair our body to live as long as it is permitted.

I am asking myself questions about Sophia's use on this earth amongst humans, animals, insects, and nature. What is Sophia purpose of existence as her makers want her to look as human as possible? She has skin and have a forehead movement; she has a curved back with a big butt, a good waist, slim arms, and slender legs. Her maker appeared to be men who have a definite view of what the female should look like and wear.

I see a clear desire to make Sophia our equal in brain capacity, knowledge, natural emotion, and the concept of looking younger and living forever. Humans have the innate ability to reproduce and form community raise their young to be the next ones to carry the torch, be the alfa or followers, the leaders, and live. History has shown us, and for this, we live better than ever.

Our Fathers and Mothers would have never imagined that cars would replace horses, train and plane. The light would replace the darkness—the internet a superhighway communication to its most remarkable human connection, mobile phone, computers, programming, math, books, equipment types, and evolution of languages, medical, medicine and activities. However, excellent life improvement signs of progress are always achieved through determination, dream, hard work, communities of people working together for the greater good. We are unique, psychologically, physically and our thought process.

Our body is terrific. It can heal itself, providing we eat the right food and removed intruder. We do the necessary to survive and protect our living environment earth making sure we do not damage it has it provide us with the air we need to power our breathing processes and the food we need.

To err is human; to edit, divine and to learn to correct our mistake is fantastic. To be emphatic, emotional, crying, compassionate, loving others, acceptance, and inclusion is terrific. It is literature that if we do not use our body in all its capacity, our body naturally will not function. If you do not use your arm over time, you will lose them, the same for your legs or brain ability because we are so powerful that we can remove the unnecessary. Thus, we need to exercise; it is vital for our survival; it is beneficial to our physic and brain.

Therefore, being active is vital for our survival, physically and mentally and working hard to achieve is a must for our survival. We naturally died if people or illness do not kill us, and we are very resilient, brave, courageous and curious.

My question is what improvement and benefit to Sophia and her sibling's humanoid life would bring to human life and added value.

Is Sophia nature resistant? Chemical resistant? What Sophia purpose amongst us? Why does Sophia not have skin all over her body? Is it purposely done to highlight the difference between our natural look? Why her neurons are exposed? Is it done in consideration that some people might be scared or are unable to make the difference? Is beauty the one feature that attracted the makers of Sophia?

Because by far, she is not ugly and even has a touch of makeup or her lips. Is it purposely done for acceptance? Human' driven by what we perceive as beautiful and more likely to accept, like and love? What benefits Sophia offer?

The researchers in AI have not identified individualism in Sophia's making; It demonstrates that they think they are weaker human-less purposeful on this earth.

They desire a robot to perform similar or identical functions has human, to make a robot as the human race and looking like a human, thus it species humanoid.

Please comment. I would love to know your thought on Sophia, the world' first humanoid.

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