Marketing Consultant

My Story it started at uni single mother of two partners left me studying computer, JavaScript programming and business information system and technology. My fellow student had thesis to type but to lazy to do so, so I told them I type it for you for £5 an hours got so many order it was amazing.

So I develop a website and they could hire my service here how I become a freelancer consultant. Nowday formerly de toi a moi is one of the leading online marketing company, I am a virtual admin too and keep your business running in the background with all these very important activities a business need to be successful. I raise your personal brand through design on material such as cups, hoodie, cap, business card, flyer, arrange your events webinar modern way or just old fashion way hire a room and you do what you do best I source the best deal for you.

I design website with WordPress, templates and add JavaScript coding to it if needed using html 5 . I write e-book, article and sell them £0.80 to £60 max no need to break the bank valuable information too.

I sell bread homemade bakery there is a story to this one too. check I am into Yoga and meditation so my site reflect this peace positive renew your vision with 2 minutes of emptiness of mind and very relaxing music them enter my site.

behind the home page professional, honest, trustworthy, polite, friendly business is run by a real person fun loving and hardworking for you to make you shine you are today you are tomorrow and I am determine to do my best on your behalf.

I do classified advert too and cater for every budget and your ad appears on my forum and website. your ad can be feature for 90 days for £60 and you can put text, picture, video and link. so you can advertised your job, products, love to find, car to sell anything classified ad on my forum called classified.

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