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Updated: Oct 23, 2020

As you start selling and experience success, your brand is developed and you are now looking to seriously grow your venture and further developed your business and brand then my new pamphlet is for you.

If you are comfortable with your volume of sell, solid customers base and your business account look good you may think of expanding your business and develop your brand further. You would need to use the following method new service development framework (NSD) and to put in place a framework called new service or product development.

Well I say you in luck if you do not know how to go about it, developing and expanding your business to higher realm and generate more revenue. It could be tricky and costly, many well thought out steps need to take place ensuring that you secure funding and also cost implication need to be look at carefully. You would need to developed a new development framework (NSD).

Girlfridayz has compile a new pamphlet titled Small Business tips for Sole Traders and SME's part 4 - Growing your business just for you. It is full of useful information business development and grows plus step by step stages to follow in order to successfully develop expand and grow.

If your interested in purchasing this pamphlet go to Girlfridayz shop log in to http://virtualgirlfridayz.com tab shop or the purple link above.

In the pamphlet series Small Business tip you maybe interested in these other titled [Small Business tips, Small Business tips part2 -the legal bit, Small Business tips part3 - Customers service] too you can find them in a the shop shelves amongst their peers at very reasonable prices for these invaluable information.

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