Idris Elbas: Beast of no nation and James Bond 007

In the Spirit of Black History Month I present to you Idris Ebas british Actor.

Now for about a month or more they were talks about Idris Elbas one of my favourite actor playing James bond Specter and guest what an English man drop in a controversional comment saying "Idris Elbas could never be James Bond is too street" I say what the fuck with him what too street mean another twat giving an apology for bordeline obnoxious racist steroptying black people comment. “Always keep smiling!! It takes no energy and never hurts! Learned that from the Street!! #septemberstillloveyou.” Loves the response from Idris Elbas about the remark on his intagram page that was.

Idris is great great Actor and entertainer and played in the Wire and Luther brilliant series, also Mandala that was a role to fullfilled walk in the shoes of Mandiba. He even stated in his interview with CNN that he met Winnie and everytime she sees him she calls him my husband and kiss him on his lips that sweet. He is playing in a new movie Beast of no nation a Warlord in Africa say no more.

Now a new James bond is coming out soon and Girlfridayz is a die hard fam of James Bond from day dot watch all of them so when me hear that Spectre is screening on the 26/10/15 I am so going to the movie. I am such a fan that i put the long trailer find on YouTube in my blog post.

Without taking the spotlight of Idris Elbas I see that sexy Daniel Craig is playing 007 for the fourth time in the film, which also stars Christoph Waltz and Lea.

and in the spirit of Black History Month Girlfridayz asking you to perhaps take advantage of this opportunity, with a display of information about other achievement regard to black people, a banner, flyers or organized event, you may want to update your website and attend an event with your Tote on your shoulder. London is buzzing with events up and down the country join in. A month long of entertain and event also soon Halloween around the corner. Watch out for SpookyTasticGirlfridayz

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