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How case studies can be beneficial or a foe


In term of a marketing case studies are a great tool to use in your business and has many advantages and a few disadvantages. The advantage of using case studies outweigh the disadvantage by far and provide a learning curve for other and a solution to a problem.

Let take the example of Girlfridayz case studies with regard of two cases totally different in nature and concept. One is about customer care which is a vital part of any business. As if you have few customers or a high rate of customers leaving you due to poor customers care or services that can result in a loss of revenue and business failure overtime making you fall into the 80% of business failure. The other is about solving a problem when a website go dark for days and your customer worried and stress the importance of retrieving his website and realised the potential loss of business and income has no email can be seen either.

Hence customer care is important Girlfridayz last year did a case study on How to remain calm under fire when a customer become abusive. Well Girlfridayz intention was to teach other how to remain calm and exert professionalism when a customer abusive. In this case the disadvantage of a case study came to bit us in the face as it was read by the abuser and resulting in further abuses.

This is one instance where a case study can be a foe, but overall the benefit outweigh the disadvantage

here below are 10 benefits of writing a case study.

  • It is base on real life situation

  • It reveal a solution of a problem and how it found and apply

  • It provide a learning curve

  • It could be a base for training other

  • it improve analitical thinking and communication developping tolerance for different view on the same subject and an ability to defend one point of view

  • It could be a point of discussion

  • It may enticed other to use your service or product

  • It act as a ready solution when other face similar problem

  • It may generate interest in your business and you acquire leads

  • It may bring awareness to your brand

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