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Get rid of the Ostrich approach - Start making headline

We know that being a small business owner takes guts, strength and a fighting spirit, Also that been a budding entrepreneur or wanting to start but does not know how requires the same determination, strength, fighting spirit and a strong belief in oneself, skills, abilities and experience.

We are all gear up for new resolution when a New Year start, a Fresh Start all our wants bottled up in our mind and resolute to start our own business break from the doubt and fears which holding us back, that annoying feeling at the back of our head saying “yes we going start my idea is solid and concrete I exactly know what I want to achieve” but in reality it all a bit of a puzzle box with no picture and you do not know how to bring it all together so the best way to deal with it in some cases is to do the Ostrich approach buried your head in the sand and plug along wondering what if.

Here how to fix it

Girlfridayz is going to provide you with the fix and put a picture on your fuzzy mind and bring your concept at the forefront of mind taking central place and making you write down your idea, and start formulating an action plan, a content strategy and tactic on how you will start. You would need to start thinking positively believing that your idea is feasible. As I always say there is no better time to start your own or grows your business this year.

​We start at – Who is your customers? Specifically what do they want, Why do they want you over your competition? Where are they based? And we show you how to create material and great content, and market it so they will find it very useful and valuable. Bear in mind there no magic strategy, tactics or even formula but just pure hard work and the right marketing technique, a strong sale process, solid foundation and consistency, consistency, consistency.

Consistency is the key to building a successful business as a company brand is driven by becoming a company that delivers customer-journey excellence requires many activities to be done well where the biggest drivers of satisfaction and loyalty in a majority of industries surveyed; according to the three Cs of customer satisfaction: Consistency, consistency and consistency.

“If you want to reap the dividend of content marketing, you need to dedicate time to create content, to formulate your plans, to research your market, competitor and create a niche for yourself in your chosen niche.”

Company and entrepreneur that relegate this to the back burner usually struggle to acquire lead, unless they are bless with a big, big marketing budget; even if you have a big marketing budget without doubt, content marketing done correctly can produce dramatic results for your business. But it requires time and focus to become effective at it. 42% of B2B marketers report that they are effective in their content marketing efforts.

As you can see from the picture above only 16% find that content marketing was ineffective hence it clearly demonstrate that great content marketing is one of the ingredient to be successful in your business and acquire lead which convert into paying customers. Hence if brands can develop an effective strategy for creating content based on the proper understanding of their target audience, they’ll not only drive lead but also increased sales. Unlike other lead generation strategies, content marketing gives to prospects, instead of asking them something. Which mean with content marketing you are giving valuable information away before asking people to purchase your services or products. Even if you are succeeding in selling your services or products through content marketing, your ideal customers will be happy you did, because they feel valued and understood as you have solve a problem or a need that they have and provided a solution.

As you can see having a documented strategy is the best for B2B marketers, content marketing can take time to show real results, but it a strong long-term approach to improve your brand’s visibility online or offline and it also helps you nurture a strong relationship with your customers. Having a business plan and marketing plan in place set the foundation of your business and summon your content marketing efforts. When starting these are the two vital documented content marketing plans which lays out your business structure, foundation, goals and milestone to achieve your goals and objectives also cements your idea into a solid starting concrete base. They are the starting plans which put a picture on the blank puzzle. Girlfridayz has developed a Business Plan template and Marketing Plan template to give you a clear goal and objectives a framework to develop or grow your business which can be purchase in our shop for as little as £15 and include a guide and instruction on how to complete so you do not have to start from a blank page.

Developing a value proposition

What is a value proposition it is simply clearly explaining the value of your products or services to your target audience. In your value proposition you should clearly explain why the ideal customer should choose your solution over the competition. Girlfridayz has a value proposition which exactly clearly explain the services we provide to businesses. Here our values proposition “Girlfridayz provides you with the insights you need to optimize your marketing” this is our value proposition and it clearly relate to the services we provide to Sole Traders and SME’s. A value proposition can increase your lead and your customer’s acquisition by 10% install credibility and provide value into your business and strengthen your personal brand.

Content marketing leader are pacesetter

Do you know why there are more followers than leaders in the online marketing world? Well one reason is that leaders literally lead the way by showing others how to get the jobs done.

Sadly, many of those we refer as leaders in blogging, social media, and SEO just are not cutting the mustard anymore and getting us motivated and excited. They have become occupied with other activities that do not encourage them to create great content that originally brought them traction, leads, sales and revenue.

But on the other hand the few digital marketing influencers who spend their time creating the right content drive more traffic and lead than they can cope with because they continue developing constant great content for their own blog.

As an example the content marketing leaders at Search Engine Journal have constantly crafted high-quality search and marketing-related content. They are always at the forefront and they generate over 1, 000,000 unique visitors each month. So what one can say they cannot go wrong with their marketing content strategy and tactic? Even if you set your site lower say 1/3 of that in 30 days that will be a huge achievement.

So how can you get there?

  • Reducing spending time reading other blog and start writing

  • Recognize what leaders do: They act on what they learned so do the same

  • Leaders set standard in their field. Hence, challenge yourself to always create useful and engaging long-form content that your audience won’t be likely to find anywhere else.

  • Become the affiliative leader who is someone who establishes positive relationships with others. Gives ideas and tips in your content, and back up those ideas with data and statistics whenever possible.

The content marketing trend started with white papers, but has cross over into blogs and social media. In fact, for some brands content marketing is starting to look like a much more useful method of creating online engagement than advertising. Hence the popularity of the new content marketing; in a nutshell means Content Marketing is going to be a lot harder than Custom Content to perform well. Brands who want to be content marketers will have to understand and use a much wider array of expertise and discipline: Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, paid and earn media, distribution and communities building.

“Creation of content means to build an affinity with your existing audience or the audience you want to access. This content would reinforce the brand, communicate the value of the product or service and create new opportunities. Custom content is the creation of “branded content” for a customer. Hence for the most part, custom content is created for the client to communicate with their own existing customers.”


With content marketing continues to change and particularly the increased adaptation of visual, customization and interactive how prospects and customers receive and consume content which also drive prospect and consumers decision-making as to whether to share your content with others or not.

So if you want more leads and customers, it is truly not a question of where to find them as they are everywhere: Facebook, twitter, blogs, Quora, Search Engine, Forum, Tumblr, Instagram and more.

The real question is how do you create the right content that will inspire them to click on your site link, visit your site and subscribe to your newsletter, email marketing? This is the ultimate dilemma faced by most entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers.

I hope my blog post encourage you to start or grows your business and leads. Encourages you to take advantage of these content statistics the next time you set out to create a blog post or starting your own business or grow your business as these stats should guide you so you can generate more traffic and sales.

Hey I am Trisha owner of Girlfridayz

I am hosting a free webinar on the 5th February 2016 @16pm titled.

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From your idea to starting

Get rid of the ostrich approach

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