Get Ready for London biggest festival August 2015

Girlfridayz tote bags are pretty much perfect for the carnival and crowd and yet stylish inconspitutious and can carry load.

Imaging yourself at the carnival mingling in the crowd GUCCI or PRADA bag on shoulder having the time of your life next you realise that your likle GUCCI or PRADRA is gone. Someone has stolen it and you cannot pinpoint at no-one in particular because of the huge crowd. So it only is sweat and tears on way home.

Now that when Girlfridayz cute stylish, simple and diverse come in. Let me tell you, same scenario you in the crowd with one of my cotton tote bag cute design of your choice or pre-made design. You can style have the time of your life as it won't bring attention to no pickpocket or thief hanging at the festival, who want to thief a cotton tote bag non-one. So smart move you enjoy yourself your belonging safe and secure, my tote bag hang on your shoulder high so if someone attempt anything you know unless you blind drunk and I reckon even blind drunk would feel anything untoward.

Dress it right with a distress jean cute t-shirt or hoodies trainers and a cool hat you can have one design by Girlfridayz and off you go. When you go home your bag is full of goodies and there is no sweat and tears but pure joy and good time.

See my creation below Girlfridayz come on get your smart move for Carnival, beach party, holiday camp, shopping at the market or just clothes shopping. Only just £12.99 a small tote bag - I have medium £21 and large £25

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