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Black Friday Deal On Girlfridayz

Love is in the air all around us smelling divine and beautiful. The smell of Christmas is coming, the shop are filled with Christmas food, present and decoration. The street are decorated with Christmas light and houses have warm fire burning, people spirit are high and filled with the love in the air a sweet perfume which bring cosiness and togetherness.

So do you not feel it, smell it, and loving it ?

At Girlfridayz we felt it, smelt it and loved it so much so that we have written our last E-book of our Small Biz Series Titled Marriage & Couple Allowance.

Everyone fall in love sometimes and Christmas is as good as any other time to tied the knot with your love one and you could get up to £1.100 of your Personal Allowance transfer to your husband, wife, partner or civil partner.

Hence it is a Tax benefit on your earning — reduce one of you tax by up to £220 this tax year (6 April to 5 April the next year). Our E-book Marriage & Couple Allowance includes Saving, Dividend and Home Ownership information.

Filled up your stocking

Black Friday Deal on Girlfridayz — Once you got your big TV, Smartphone, Outfit for your business do and looking all sexy and sassy flashing proudly your latest purchase to your teams and enjoying yourself with your peers.

Be smart and get business ready as you need to plan ahead and get organised to be business ready for 2017 as preparation is the key to elevation and growth.

That why at Girlfridayz we thought of you and we have discounts running on our online store on a selection of products.

  • Get £5 to £10 off on selected products in our online store such as our business e-books, pre-design cotton tote bags.

Mr Toty wearing his Christmas Hat

We have one of the best online store for all your marketing publication and our design and printing section is filled with design for your business or personal life.

Why not treat your loyal customers and staff teams to a nice gift such as set of cups, a Christmas card, key-ring, calendars, pens this is just selection of gifts that you can offer to your loyal customers and staff team.

At Girlfridayz we can design these for you at a very reasonable price and surely your customers and staff teams will be smiling with joy as they received an unexpected gift by your company.

This small gesture can ensure that your customers re-use your services or purchase your products next year or for years to come as you show them a token of your appreciation.

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