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Slider move 1 step at the time

This is a representation of Girlfridayz Slider Life with More#Game. Girlfridayz game is built in Javascript i had fun creating that simple game. The rule is simple beauty is in the simplicity.

Life with More#Game is very simple to play the rule: slide the slider left to right and generate a number then click play to win button. You can win prizes from Girlfridayz of a value between £25 to £9. Play it to Win it.

If you are winner just click on read more button and there you go follow the instruction to get your prize. Girlfridayz has a star prize and if you get it Girlfridayz will send a prize of her choice to you, there is 8 prizes to be won and offer end 31/12/15.

Life with More# something is Girlfridayz new brand you can find it on my Tote bag, Calendar, Planner, Diary, anything I design with you in mind. As we all want more of nice happy useful items or services or more out of our lives I thought of Life with More#dough. Picture from Girlfridayz Lush Bakery online for Lambeth people only for the moment. Want to see my bread click on purple link.

You may want to have a look at our selection of Tote Bags below they are a great gift to giveaway to your customers, friends, family or treat for you when you go shopping, carrying your documents, laptop they are sturdy and stylish and come in three sizes Small, Medium or Large some have colour. You can find them in the shop delivery not included. You may also view our design and printing gallery you may need re-run of business card , brochure, a new calendar, planner, diary, christmas card, greeting card, cups just have a look it nice to customise items with your photos building lovely treasurable memories.

  • Large Size two tone £30

  • Panama one size colours come in red, blue, white, green, pink £25

  • Small white tote £12.99

If you interested to purchase my tote or win prizes click on purple link. Share this post.

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