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It's the 1st of November the spell of cold winter month arriving slowly, and it the time to talk about Christmas has it will be xmas soon spelling the end of 2015 and slowly welcoming 2016.

who believe this the year flew by Summer gone Autumn set in, leave of trees are falling soon we see naked branches and if we lucky a bit of snow.

Well it also time for getting out your board games and plays with family and friends these family fun games such as Cluedo, Backgammon, Monopoly and Chess. These are my old times favorite. I remember my childwood time with my fam after xmas diner or during hol time playing these games and other such as "le jeu de Dames" for english fiolks "Draughts" but "les dames".

Les Dames de Troyes which is an expansion enhances Troyes and Troyes has received a very good welcome from the public and the press in 2010 and the game received numerous awards around the world. With this sucess and especially motivated by the desire to play again. I present you the lady of Troyes theirs goals is to help you discover new ways to play it without over-complicating the rules of the basic game.

Girlfridayz has design four Poster Calendar themed Life with more #Game featuring my fav board games and you can purchase your board game poster calendar, board game lovers and the family gamers out there just for £5 per poster calendar 2016 I say that a cracker of a deal only a fiver.

To order your click here view our product and fill order form that simple as that

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