6 professional ways to write an attractive blog

Over the last decade, blogs have been one of the most popular spaces on the internet – and for great reason too! They’re a wonderful podium for new information, they work wonders to send new traffic to your website, and they’re great for your SEO.

We’ve been in the blogging game for quite some time here at the girlfridayz Blog.

So here 6 Professional ways to write an attractive blog

Write a professional blog

Do you know that blogs are some of the most trusted sources to gain new information online, so make sure to offer only the content that your target audience finds most relevant and valuable. Remember, if you don’t know who your audience is, most chances are they won’t know who you are either. So ensure that if you have a business blog that it is target to your prefer audience.

Add contextual link to your blog post

Do you know that you could use your blog to link and drive traffic to your website. Has your blogs are a leading source of new traffic and companies with blogs see an increase of 97% more clicks to their website. As a side note, don’t be afraid to occasionally link to great information or resources outside your website. Adding links to third-party websites puts your blog in conversation with other brands, encourages publishers to link back to your content, and can even be beneficial to your SEO.

Add an artistic edge by using high-res image

Do you know it good to show readers that they value your readership by using high-res, high quality photos. So make your content easy and fun to consume by using images, graphs and videos to illustrate your points. And most important: make sure that your blog posts will continue to reach viewers by adding alt text to each and every new image you upload.

Add Subject Line which encourage reader

Do you know It’s a known fact: no one has ever read an article simply because it had a catchy title, so don’t bother putting too much thought into what you name your articles. But instead you would research engaging subject lines that encourage people to read your content. Not sure how to write a compelling title that drives clicks? you could use this tool to help you called co-schedule-headline analyser as you need your headline to use emotional headline power word to draw the reader to read your post.

Promote your blog post

Do you know that promoting your business blog to the whole wide world it easily done using email marketing to promote your new content to your subscribers. You can also add your social media sharing options to your blog so that readers can easily share your articles in a single click.

And Finally ...

Do you know that Girlfridayz can edit your blog for you and write professional blog post for you that your customers love including high -res picture, lead magnet to your product or service, graph to emphasise your point. We can write news post or re-targeting old post with content update and case study writing for your business for only £150 per month (4 post a month and one case study) plus you could use our Picture service (Professional picture setting and editing for website, blog Images) £60 for 30 images if supply by us - supplying your own picture it free.

You can book these professional writing and picture service straight from our online booking facility on our site (you will need to register first).

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